Wellness Coaching Helps You Identify and Achieve Your Health Goals

Wellness Coach Donna Schuler

Wellness Coach Donna Schuler, COTA

What is a Wellness Coach? A Wellness Coach is trained to provide a safe environment for you to discuss, identify and clarify and health concerns you may have. The coach assists is deciding how to make changes through goal setting and creating a step by step plan that you can follow to achieve your goals. A coach also helps you find resources, education or other tools to help your plan be a success. The focus of the coaching process is entirely on your needs and your agenda for change.

How does it work? You call the Wellness Center at Mendocino Coast Hospital (961-4670) and make a Well Check appointment. A Wellness Assessment will be sent to you to fill out and bring to your appointment. The Wellness Coach will talk with you about your responses on the Wellness Assessment and about any other health concerns you may have. Additional information will be gathered during your session. The coach works with you to find ways to achieve you goal and helps you set some time frames. The coach will also provide you with some general wellness education and referrals if you need them. Follow up phone calls are beneficial for most clients. The next step is yours. You may chose to follow-up with your physician or begin you plan.

About Donna For several years Donna has practiced in the field of Occupational Therapy. Occupational Therapy appeals to Donna because of the creative problem solving involved. For her patients it often means adapting the environment to enable independence. It means being a compassionate ally during their rehabilitation. It means looking at what they can do rather than what they cannot do.

Donna feels a connection with each individual. She understands that they could be her mother, sister, husband or child. Wellness Coaching is a natural extension of her professional and personal interests.

She has been fortunate enough to link creative activity and occupation through out her life. Creative pursuits continue to delight Donna who was the founder Cape Mendocino designs, a successful womens clothing line for more than a decade. She holds a BA in Strategic Management from Dominican University. Donna will be providing Wellness Coaching at Mendocino Coast Hosptial beginning in May 2010.

To schedule a personal coaching session, or for more information call 961-4670