Wellness Lectures On Demand

MCTelevision, our local public cable television station, regularly videotapes wellness lectures at the hospital. If you can’t attend a lecture, just tune in a few days later to see the whole thing right on your own computer.

Click on the links below to view the lectures live.

Lectures are held in the Redwoods Room on the Mendocino Coast Hospital Campus, 700 River Road, Fort Bragg.


  1. Donna Schuler, COTA, Wellness Coordinator: Tips for Starting a Healthy Walking Program


  1. David Newell, M.D.: Healthier Bones
  2. Jess Stuckey on Massage Therapy
  3. Michael Coleman and Reid Patterson: Cardiology and ECG
  4. Deb Hendricks and Rena Kinney, R.N.’s, How to Be Healthy on Your Travels
  5. Amy Kelchner, N.D., Natural Family Medicine
  6. Michael Mortenson, D.C., Prevention & Treatment of Back Injuries
  7. Dr. Jerry Karabensh on Whooping Cough and Vaccine


  1. Neil Nathan, M.D., Mold Toxicity
  2. Anna Rathbun, B.A., CNC, Decrease Food Cravings
  3. Neil Nathan, M.D., Lyme Disease
  4. Cathy Fantulin, RN, Apnea and Sleep Disorders
  5. Cynthia Audo and Kristen Kronfeld, Speech and Language
  6. Jessica Grinberg, CPO, Footcare
  7. Teresa McDonald, RN, Diabetes.
  8. Dr. Neil Nathan on Autism
  9. Dr. Neil Nathan on Chronic Pain


  1. Dietitian Lynn Unroe on Nutrition and Kidney
  2. CEO Raymond Hino on Healthcare Reform
  3. Phil Sullivan on Case Management
  4. Deb Hendricks on Back Care.