Volunteer Fire Departments

EMERGENCY – Dial 9-1-1

Mendocino Volunteer Fire Department EnginesThe towns of Gualala, Elk, Albion-Little River, Mendocino, Fort Bragg and Westport all maintain volunteer fire departments who routinely respond to every 9-1-1 call in their service areas.

Because of the rural setting with miles of beaches, treacherous cliffs and  forests, the fire departments have highly trained search and rescue teams.

Albion-Little River

The department is thriving: new members, upgraded equipment, the most comprehensive training program in department history and integration with twenty-first century technology has fueled a tradition of community service with exuberance. Of the three new members welcomed this year, two are under twenty-years old (with a third presently performing his internship). Astounding cohesion has created an efficient and capable team. We can’t stop here. We need your help. Your support is critical. On this site, in addition to sharing our exciting developments, we’ll touch on ways you can participate: as a firefighter, as an auxiliary member, as a reporting party or as well informed bystander.

Fort Bragg
The Fort Bragg Fire Department, under one name or another, has been in existence for 110
years. Volunteer firefighters have dedicated themselves to protecting the life and property of this coastal community in which they live and work.

The Fort Bragg Fire Department has always been a very strong  volunteer fire department.
At this writing (2001), thirty-seven firefighters and one auxiliary member actively dedicate themselves to protecting life and property.

The Fort Bragg Fire Department has two stations, one on Main Street in Fort Bragg and one on Highway 20. There are plans in the future for a station near  Little Valley Road north of Fort Bragg.

The Department serves a population of approximately 15,000.

As the future unfolds, our needs will become many. With a sharp rise in emergency
responses over the past five years (1995-2001), the commitment of  the entire department has virtually doubled.

The Fire Department operates under the direction of the Fire Chief who is responsible to the
Board of the


The South Coast Volunteer Fire Department (SCVFD) serves the community of Gualala, with coverage which generally goes from the Gualala River north to just beyond Iversen Road.  The deepest section inland goes about four miles. The beautiful small town of Gualala is located approximately 120 miles north of San Francisco on California’s beautiful northern coast.  In order to support living in such a beautiful but rural area with approximately 2500 residents, the (SCVFD) has one volunteer chief and about twenty wonderful volunteers.


MVFD responds to medical emergencies, fires, cliff and ocean rescues in the Mendocino Fire Protection District. Mutual Aid is extended to neighboring districts and counties.

email: mvfd@mcn.org

The Westport Volunteer Fire Department is located on the Mendocino Coast about 15 miles north of the City of Fort Bragg, California.