New Chief of Staff Elected at MCDH


New Chief of Staff Elected at MCDH

Dr. William Miller has been elected by the medical staff of MCDH to the position of Chief of Staff  effective September 16, 2019.  This is the senior leader of the medical staff in a hospital.  Some of the responsibilities include quality of care, patient safety, community outreach, representing the medical staff on the hospital Board of Directors and physician credentialing.

Dr. Miller is board certified in Internal Medicine / Hospital Medicine and has worked at our hospital since 2017 as a hospitalist.  His previous experience includes several administrative and medical staff leadership roles in both small rural hospitals as well as larger inner city hospitals.

When asked what his vision is for the future of health care in our community, he stated, “This is an exciting time for not only our hospital, but also for the entire health care system here on the Coast.  There is much work to be done which includes strengthening our hospital financially, growing the number of primary care providers in the community, encouraging more specialists to come here to have clinics, increasing home health services including hospice, and addressing the looming seismic compliance requirements.”  He added, “All of these goals are within our capabilities.  Each need is very important.”

On the question of affiliation, Dr. Miller shared his views.  “As a small, rural hospital, the best way to ensure having strong health care and a vibrant hospital is to affiliate with a large hospital system.  We could continue to limp along as is, however, the only way to move us forward into a position of greater stability is to affiliate with someone.  Affiliation also brings many essential resources with it that will be necessary to help us achieve the goals that we have. At this time, the most realistic option is Adventist Health.  Integrating care throughout the county makes a lot of sense and we already have a strong relationship with Adventist in terms of shared purchasing agreements and inter-facility patient transfers.  While there are some important philosophical considerations because Adventist Health is a faith based organization, I think that the overall benefit that they bring through leadership experience and an excellent track record of patient satisfaction and financial success is highly desirable for us.”

MCDH wishes to thank Dr. John Kermen for his years of service as the previous Chief of Staff.  Dr. Kermen is an anesthesiologist and will continue to serve on the Medical Executive Committee as the past-Chief of Staff.  Dr. Miller has stated that Dr. Kermen’s leadership experience and knowledge of the history of the organization will be invaluable.

“I look forward to working with community leaders, key stakeholders in the local health care community and our Health Care District Board of Directors in making these goals become a reality,” Dr. Miller said.  Dr. Miller lives in Little River, California, with his husband and their two dogs and two African Grey parrots. His hobbies include bee keeping and leatherworking.