MCDH’s Birthing Unit

MCDH’s Birthing Unit was one of the first in-house, family-centered maternity care programs in California and was a model for other family-birthing programs throughout the country.

Although the department has seen many changes over the years, our dedication to providing families with happy and rewarding birth experiences remains the same.

Our Obstetrical Unit

Our Obstetrical Unit includes labor, delivery, and recovery services, plus a four-bed nursery with facilities for immediate care, stabilization, and transport for critically ill newborns.

Obstetrical Staff

The MCDH Obstetrical Staff promotes the philosophy of childbirth as a natural, healthy and joyous event to be controlled as much as possible by the birthing couple and shared, should they wish, with family and friends. An OB tour is offered monthly to members of the community who are expecting a child. Our OB Team recently won an award for training in fetal monitoring – one more indication of our focus on providing quality, state-of-the-art care to our little patients and their moms.