A Rural Critical Access Hospital

Mendocino Coast District Hospital, a 25-bed Critical Access Hospital, was dedicated on June 26, 1971 following a grass-roots effort to pass a hospital district initiative on the January, 1967 ballot. Since then, MCDH has taken its place as an important resource of our community. The Hospital offers residents the peace of mind that comes from knowing emergency help is readily available and medical care often can be provided locally, keeping families together as much as possible. Conversely, the hospital could not exist without the community support that built it and continues to sustain it.

Non-Profit and Tax-Exempt Status

MCDH is a non-profit entity with 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status. Organizations exempt under section 501(c)(3) are further classified as either public charities or private foundations. MCDH is classified as a public charity.

The legal name of MCDH is Mendocino Coast Health Care District. The Mendocino Coast Health Care District is a California Special District. Under regulations for Special Districts here in California, we are not required to file a Form 990, just like a school district for example.  The MCDH Employer Identification Number (EIN) is 95-2627981.

Download IRS Tax Exempt Documentation

TJC Accredited

Mendocino Coast District Hospital is fully licensed by the Department of Health Services and accredited by The Joint Commission and the California Medical Association. In addition, Mendocino Coast District Hospital is a member of the Association of California Hospital Districts and the California Healthcare Association.

Strong Programs

Today, MCDH is committed to providing the most sophisticated care possible while operating in a rural environment. We maintain strong medical/surgical services and provide facilities for many specialty practices. The Hospital recognizes its special opportunities to involve staff, physicians and volunteers in providing personalized care to patients and their families.