Sandy Eis, Hypnotherapist

Sandy Eis, MA, CCHT, offers hypnotherapy

Sandy Eis, MA, CCHT, offers hypnotherapy

For an appointment or more information: 707-964-7872


Services: smoking cessation, relaxation & stress release, inner child work, sports hypnosis.

About Sandy:

If you can imagine a time in your life when you accomplished something & felt really good about it, you can allow your body, mind & emotions to remember what that felt like.  You can allow that feeling to grow bigger & move through every cell in your being.

Through deep relaxation and with the power of our subconscious we can accomplish amazing change. When we have a desire for a certain outcome our deeper selves can lead us to what we already have in our minds.  The process of hypnotherapy helps to build confidence, reduce stress, change habits & addictions, remove mental & emotional blocks to success and is profoundly relaxing.

Healing    is   an essential part of me.  As a young girl, woman, and throughout my life I have explored ways to help myself & others to be the best that we can be. After 40 years of experience working with people, I personally and professionally find the benefits of hypnotherapy to be most valuable and satisfying.  As a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist (CCHT) I have 30 years of success stories that range from helping people to quit smoking, improve learning & sports abilities, gain confidence & self esteem, control chronic pain, and prepare for medical procedures including surgery.

I offer private and small group hypnotherapy sessions in Fort Bragg and along the Mendocino Coast.  For more information please contact:

Sandy Eis, M.A., CCHT