Marilyn Hagar, MA, REAT – Creating A Fresh Perspective on Life Issues

“Marilyn creates an aura of loving acceptance. Her self acceptance, humor and love of the creative life feeds my soul.” – a former client

Marilyn Hagar, For the Joy of It! Studio

Marilyn Hagar, For the Joy of It! Studio

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Using the Arts for Healing:
Come play with paper, paste, collage, watercolor, poster paint, glitter, glue, fabric, beads, pipe cleaners, popsicle sticks, whatever strikes your fancy. You might make paintings, dolls, treasure boxes, sculptures, masks, nests and much more. There is a piano, and drums, whistles, rattles, if you want to try to express yourself in sound rather than words. We might listen to music to comfort, support and guide you as you reflect on life issues. We’ll turn music into image, make body sculptures, turn painting into movement, and in the end return to words as we title pictures, write poetry, write letters and let images speak. To some this will sound fun but if you are getting nervous at the thought of participating in this way, you will be comforted to know that the Number One rule in my studio is that no one has to do anything they don’t want to do. In the end, most can’t stop themselves.

Services Offered:

Marilyn uses the arts to explore a deeper story than our words can tell.  Playing in these non verbal modalities we can discover a treasure trove of fresh perspective on our life issues.  Plus freeing creative energy infuses all areas of our lives with freshness and renewal.  You need not have talent or experience in any of the arts to participate in this process.  Your ability to use “art for healing” comes with being human. Playing in the arts we can :
*  Reduce stress
*  Explore important life transitions, issues of childhood, adolescence, giving birth, abortion, marriage, mid-life crises, aging, death and dying and more….
*  Work with body and health issues,  body image, weight loss, illness and finding our way to better health.
*  Examine self judgment and improve self esteem.
*  Explore our grief
*  Discover forgiveness
*  Access creativity
*  Set goals and envision our future.
*  Find deeper meaning in our lives and more…..

About Marilyn Hagar:

  • Masters Degree in Psychology from Sonoma State University with emphasis in Expressive Arts Therapy
  • Registered as an Expressive Arts Therapist with International Expressive Arts Therapy Association
  • 30 years of experience in Expressive Arts Therapy
  • Individual sessions at For The Joy Of It! A studio for the Expressive Arts in Mendocino, California
  • Facilitates groups and workshops in creativity, dream work, authentic movement, body image, aging and creativity, leads art and music circles.  Past facilitator of the cancer support group at the Mendocino Cancer Resource Center.
  • Personalized Creativity Retreats
  • Solo Caregiver Retreats

What Others Say:
“Marilyn creates an aura of loving acceptance. Her self acceptance, humor and love of the creative life feeds my soul.”

“Marilyn has the knack of focusing on just the right word or thought from me to invite expression that unlocks the door to deeper understandings. Layers of hidden emotions and awareness pour out onto the paper or burst out in movement.  And it was fun!  She is a caring and wise jewel.”