Kambra Phoebus, N.D.

Kambra Phoebus and Rio

Ukiah Naturopathic Clinic

Dr. Kambra has a family practice with a focus on womens health and pediatric care.  As a primary care doctor, you can call her with all of your health concerns.  She integrates conventional diagnostic techniques with alternative medicines such as herbal medicine, bioidentical hormone therapy, and nutrition.

Naturopathic doctors combine the best of conventional medicine and alternative medicine  to help their patients achieve the greatest health.  As licensed primary care practitioners, they treat people with an emphasis on natural healing methods.

Licensed, board-certified Naturopathic Doctors attend 4-year post-graduate naturopathic medical colleges with admission requirements comparable to those of conventional medical schools.  Naturopathic Doctors are the only doctors whose training provides both a firm scientific foundation and in-depth study of natural therapeutics.  There are currently 4 such colleges in the US.