Helen Jacobs, CMT, RYT

Helena Jacobs, CMT, RYT specializes in massage, yoga for seniors and stress reduction.

Helen Jacobs, CMT, RYT specializes in massage, yoga for seniors and stress reduction.

Phone: 707-937-5522

eMail: hjacobs@mcn.org

Services: massage, yoga for seniors, focus on breathing, joint mobilization and stress reduction.

Helen Jacobs has been teaching gentle Yoga for over 25 years.

Perhaps you’ve heard about Yoga and thought about taking a class, but felt intimidated because you thought you needed to be able to stand on your head or twist yourself into a pretzel as soon as you walked into the room.

My approach to Yoga is to “start where you are” with an attitude of self acceptance. My classes incorporate gentle joint movements to increase mobility and minimize stiffness and pain. Yoga can help to increase your strength, improve your circulation, decrease your blood pressure and reduce stress.  This gentle approach to exercise makes it accessible for all people including those with arthritis, osteoporosis, musculoskeletal injuries, chronic fatigue, or those who, regardless of age, are new to Yoga.

In addition to weekly classes, I offer a six week “Back Talk” series specifically designed to address and help relieve chronic low back pain. Classes include gentle stretching and strengthening exercises as well as instruction in the postural causes of back pain and strategies to diminish pain.

I am available for private sessions to help create an individualized Yoga program that you can follow in the privacy of your own home.

My Yoga training includes specialized studies in therapeutic Yoga for arthritis and osteoporosis, scoliosis, stress reduction and cardiac health.

I am a certified massage and acupressure practitioner.