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Hypnotherapist Gail Rayborn

Hypnotherapist Gail Raborn

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Guides People to Health & Harmony

My client began sobbing as she lay on my massage table back in l976, at my office in the McCornack Center for the Healing Arts in Mendocino. Worried, I asked her what was wrong? “When you worked on my big toe,” she said, tears streaming down her face, “I flashed back to being beaten by my father.”

This wasn’t the first time I’d found that touch could awaken an old, painful memory. But this time something clicked: and I realized that massage work was no longer enough. I badly wanted to learn how to help clients heal from the emotional wounds that they’d locked into their very cells, memories that continued to haunt and harm their lives. I wanted to become a psychotherapist – and a hypnotherapist. And I did.

In the last 27 years, I’ve guided many people to create health and harmony in their lives: like the battered woman who found her power and left her violent marriage; the man whose cancer went into remission once he made the changes his illness was demanding; the woman whose driving phobia disappeared; the unhappy couples whose relationships healed; the hypnotherapy client who had no side effects from chemo, and kept all her luxurious red hair. Then there was the surgeon, so astonished to see my mother healing rapidly and painlessly after a difficult surgery (and a pre-surgical hypnosis session with me), he told her he’d like to hire me.

My training: In l983, I receive certification as a psychotherapist from the Institute of Unitive Psychology in Amsterdam, Holland, a school that integrates Bioenergetics, Gestalt Therapy, and regression therapies. Soon after, I added certification as a Clinical Hypnotherapist, certification as an Interactive Imagery Guide, and training in Voice Dialogue. I’ve led workshops in Europe and America in such topics as: “Imagery for Healing”, “Taming the Inner Critic”, “Developing Intuition”, “Loving Yourself”, “Breaking Free of the Victim Trap”, “Your Body Speak It’s Mind”, and more.

A vital benefit of my training was my own healing. Free of negative imprints from childhood abuse, I’ve become a harmonious, happy woman. My intuition, a deep desire to help others heal, plus my spiritual practice, guide my work.

Now living again on the magical Mendocino coast, I work with teen, adults and couples in my office and through phone sessions. Please call for a free introductory session. If you’ve financial challenges, ask about a discount or trade: 707-937-2271