Cathy Fantulin, RRT, RN – Respiratory Care

Cathy Fantulin, RRT, RN provides respiratory care, help with sleep apnea and promoting healthy lifestyles.


Services Offered:

Cathy provides respiratory care, including pulmonary, sleep and cardiac rehabilitation and works as an advocate for healthy lifestyles.

About  Cathy Fantulin:

  • Registered Respiratory Therapist
  • Respiratory Care Practitioner
  • Registered Nurse
  • Respectful
  • Promotes Healthy Lifestyles
  • Enjoys Teaching: 8 Years Better Breathers Club, American Lung Association
  • 20 Years Respiratory Care, MCDH
  • In-Home Personalized and Individual Care
  • Active Member of the American Association of Sleep Technologists

Three Decades of Experience

Over her 31 years of experience as a Respiratory Care Practitioner and Registered Nurse, Cathy has used positive pressure ventilation to heal and help save peoples’ lives. Over her career, she has used this type of therapy for premature babies, and for patients with cardiac and pulmonary disease. Currently, positive pressure ventilation is used as a preventative measure for those patients that suffer from Sleep Apnea.

Cathy’s long history and experience with the benefits of Positive Pressure Ventilation has spurred her passion for helping others using this treatment.  She currently provides in-home evaluations and personalized care for those with Respiratory issues and Sleep Apnea. Cathy stays current on new technology and methods to maximize the benefit and comfort of sleep and Respiratory disorders.

Cathy not only helps people to improve their breathing, but to improve their Quality of life through better health, a higher level of energy, and what seems like enhancement of life expectancy.

What Others Say About Cathy:

“It is the spirit of Cathy that I admire most. She is a brave and dedicated soul who sees beyond her own life to touch the lives of others.”-Lisa Burtis

“Cathy has a very caring heart and is a consummate team player with a Professional presence.”-Karen Jenkins, Business Owner