Mendocino Coast Healthcare Foundation

Board of Directors

  • John Allison, President
  • Charlene McAllister, Immediate Past President
  • Stephanie Simonich, Vice President
  • Susan Warner, Secretary/Treasurer
  • Robert Cimmiyotti
  • James Katzel, MD
  • Jennifer Owen

Foundation Staff

  • Michelle Roberts, Executive Director
  • Mary Kate McKenna, Development Director
  • Ellen Persa, Marketing & Communications Director

Foundation History: 35 Years, $8 Million+ Raised To Support MCDH

In March, 1984, the Board of Directors of the Mendocino Coast District Hospital approved the formation of a foundation to serve the Hospital District and to increase the security of the hospital. The Directors recognized the need for a free standing, nonprofit, charitable organization which could receive gifts from individuals, corporations, other foundations and organizations for the benefit of the hospital. That organization which became the Mendocino Coast Hospital Foundation was charged with seeking gifts, managing the funds, and supporting capital projects submitted by the Hospital to the Foundation.

In September 1984, the officers and 42 Trustees of the new foundation were elected. The Trustees represented a wide range of backgrounds and experience in the community and immediately went to work applying their talents to public relations, finance, development and the workings of the new organization.

The First Gift

The first major gift to the Foundation came from the Georgia-Pacific Corporation, which donated a piece of real property valued at over $1 million.

The Trustees of the Foundation recognized the need for professional management of the growing organization and boldly hired the first Executive Director in April, 1985.

In the years since its inception the Foundation has added numerous fundraising programs and activities to better serve the needs of our Hospital and Community.

In 2019 we changed our name & Articles of Incorporation to: Mendocino Coast Healthcare Foundation!
Now we can continue to support our local hospital, regardless of how it may change. We’ve also expanded our mission to allow us to respond to essential healthcare needs in our healthcare district that may fall outside the hospital’s purview.

In the 35 years since the Foundation was established, state and federal healthcare
funding structures have shifted dramatically. Our board members recognized this and chose to be proactive about it. Since it is hard to predict exactly how healthcare funding will change in the future, we decided to build enough flexibility into our organization so that with your help, we can continue to respond to the healthcare needs of our community.

In a nutshell, the Foundation’s name has changed, but our commitment has not. We remain dedicated to safeguarding the health and wellness of our coastal community, just like we have for decades.

We’ll work in partnership with the Mendocino Coast Healthcare District and others to fund projects that are likely to have the biggest impact on our community’s health and wellness.

As the ways to give are as many and varied as the people who give them, the Healthcare Foundation provides a variety of giving opportunities from events and raffles, to planned giving opportunities that can provide substantial tax advantages to the donor and their heirs while supporting one of our community’s most vital resources.

A Generous Community

Gifts to the Healthcare Foundation of ten dollars to thousands of dollars come from hundreds of residents of the Hospital District and beyond who appreciate the value and necessity of having a full-service hospital facility in our small rural community.

Since it’s founding in 1984, the annual gifts from the Mendocino Coast Healthcare Foundation to the hospital have grown from a range of about $18,000 to well over $500,000, with the total of those gifts now exceeding $8,000,000.

Contact MCHF:

  • Mendocino Coast Healthcare Foundation & Winesong
  • 775 River Drive, Fort Bragg, CA 95437
  • Foundation: (707) 961-4688
  • Winesong: (707) 961-4994
  • Fax: (707) 961-4975
  • Email:
Visit the Mendocino Coast Healthcare Foundation web site

Donate to the Foundation

Your Gifts Help Save Lives

Your gift provides support for equipment, services, and projects that help Mendocino Coast Hospital meet the needs of the community it serves. Our goal is to keep quality health care available on the Mendocino Coast so that, whenever possible, residents and visitors to the coast can be cared for in a supportive environment close to family and friends.

Among the Foundation donation purchases:

  • A new ER Ultrasound machine
  • Diagnostic Imaging Center
  • Patient Safety Technology

There are many ways to donate. Please contact the Mendocino Coast Healthcare Foundation or phone 707 961-4688. We appreciate each and every donation.


Contact Winesong:

  • 775 River Drive, Fort Bragg, CA 95437
  • Phone: (707) 961-4688
  • Fax: (707) 961-4975
  • Email:
Visit the Winesong web site

Winesong History: Supporting New Technology and Services to Improve the Quality of Care Delivered on the Mendocino Coast

Since 1984 the Mendocino Coast Hospital Foundation has engaged in fundraising and community activities to provide support for vital equipment and services at Mendocino Coast District Hospital. Our unique rural locale presents an environment in which the provision of comprehensive hospital services and up-to-date equipment is a tremendous challenge. The Hospital Foundation exists to help the Hospital and our community to meet these challenges. Below is a list outlining previous years’ capital improvements funded by Winesong proceeds.

Emergency Services

  • Ultrasound Machine ($75,200)
  • Ambulance – Medic 9142 ($82,000)
  • Ambulance Equipment ($10,000)
  • Ambulance – Medic 9140 ($97,200)
  • Helipad for Emergency Transport ($42,000)
  • Lifeline Emergency response System ($37,000)

Cardiac Care

  • Digital Echocardiography ($150,000)

Diagnostic Imaging

  • Ultrasound ($200,000)
  • Stereotactic Mammography ($100,000)
  • CT Scanner Installation ($90,000)
  • 4-D Ultra Sound ($67,800)
  • Digital Imaging Communications System ($171,600)
  • Computed Radiography / Digitizer ($130,000)
  • Nuclear Medicine Camera ($315,000)
  • Digital Diagnostic Imaging Center ($1,400,000)

Cancer Care

  • Oncology Beds ($24,600)
  • Chemotherapy Room ($10,000)
  • Funding for Uninsured/Underinsured Cancer Patient Care


  • Clinical Analyzers ($100,000)

Women’s Health & Obstetrics

  • Fetal Heart Monitors ($32,500)


  • OB Refurbishing ($34,500)

Surgical Services

  • Equipment for Surgical Services ($122,000)
  • Orthopedic Surgical Table ($84,300)
  • Sterilizer ($77,600)


  •  Clinical Information Systems ($750,000)
  • Laboratory Information System ($100,000)
  • Telemetry System ($250,000)
  • Founders Medical Office Building ($315,000)
  • Patient Beds ($59,045)
  • AJ Grey Building Refurbishing ($75,000)
  • North Coast Health Center, start-up grant ($300,000)
  • Nurse Call System ($250,000)

Diabetes Care Center

  • Funding for Uninsured and Under-insured Diabetic Patient Care ($20,000)

Pharmacy / Patient Care

  • Patient Control Analgesic Machines ($37,300)
  • Bedside Medication Verification System ($122,000)

Any questions about what this equipment means to you? Contact the Healthcare Foundation at (707) 961-4671 or   We would be happy to provide further information about how your donor dollars make a difference to the health of our community.

Ambulance Fund

Since its founding in 2006, Mendocino Coast Ambulance Support (MCAS) has raised thousands of dollars for our ambulance service. This money has been used for the purchase of ambulances and the (very expensive) equipment they carry.

MCAS provides an ambulance membership program, similar to those offered by our local air ambulances, CalStar and REACH. For $45 per year, you and the members of your household are covered for one emergency transport. For more information about this program, visit the MCAS website.

The Mendocino Coast Healthcare Foundation has also been an essential source of funding for our ambulance across the decades, primarily through the annual 911 Raffle. This money has been used primarily to outfit the service with up-to-date ambulances and equipment.

Donate To Hospice

The Mendocino Coast Hospice program is a free, not-for-profit service offering compassionate support for individuals and families coping with terminal and life-threatening illnesses. Hospice focuses on helping people live the best life possible while serving as a guide through emotionally and physically challenging times.

There is no charge for Hospice services. As a community-supported and free service to our hospital district, the Mendocino Coast Hospice program depends upon individual donations as well as proceeds from the Hospice Thrift Store. The Hospice program is a charitable, non-profit organization; all gifts are tax-deductible.

To make a donation to the Mendocino Coast Hospice program, please contact:

Terri Ebrey, RN, Hospice Coordinator
700 River Drive
Fort Bragg, CA 95437
(707) 961-4617