Nutrition Department

Hospital Food: Good for Patients and the Public

The Nutrition Department is dedicated to providing nutritious, tasteful and attractive foods that aid in the healing process of our patients.

Our cafeteria, run by Curt Gore, is open for the public for breakfast and lunch, and is very affordable.

We have become a “green” kitchen and cafeteria. We are committed to good environmental practices. We use whole wheat flour, and no trans fats.

Our menus to the patients use icons to pick better choices of foods with a “heart” icon for “Green Light” foods, a “triangle” signifies “Yellow Light/occasional” foods and a “circle with a line through it” for “Red Light/limit foods”. The cafeteria menu now has a green/yellow/red light identification system posted for foods served daily to the staff and public.

The Registered Dietitian and Diabetes Educator Lynn Unroe provides inpatient nutrition counseling. Individual outpatient instruction is available with a physician’s referral. She specializes in diabetes, weight loss, eating disorders and cholesterol lowering.