A Hospital-Based Ambulance Service

New Sprinter Advanced Life Support AmbulanceSince 1986, Mendocino Coast District Hospital has owned and operated an advanced life support (ALS) ambulance. This means that, within the hospital district, when 911 is called for a medical emergency, one of our paramedic/EMT-staffed ambulances responds with what is essentially a mobile emergency room.

Our paramedics are licensed by the State of California and certified regionally by Coastal Valleys EMS. Ongoing training and continuing education keep our crews up-to-date and fully prepared for the wide spectrum of possible medical emergencies.

Jeri Erickson, MCDF Executive Director with $96,000 donation to pay for new Sprinter ambulance
In addition to 911 response, our ambulances serve the important roll of transporting patients from our hospital to other facilities. On occasion the coastal weather makes helicopter transport for our most critical patients impossible and one of our ground ambulances is there to fill in the gap.

Two Paramedics

Since its founding in 2006, Mendocino Coast Ambulance Support (MCAS) has raised thousands of dollars for our ambulance service. This money has been used for the purchase of ambulances and the (very expensive) equipment they carry.

MCAS provides an ambulance membership program, similar to those offered by our local air ambulances, CalStar and REACH. For $45 per year, you and the members of your household are covered for one emergency transport.  For more information about this program, visit the MCAS website.


The Mendocino Coast Hospital Foundation has also been an essential source of funding for our ambulance across the decades, primarily through the annual 911 Raffle. This money has been used primarily to outfit the service with up-to-date ambulances and equipment.


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