Chaplaincy Program Services

The mission of the Chaplaincy Program is to promote the healing and health of patients, family, and Hospital staff by providing appropriate emotional and spiritual support to those who request it. All Chaplaincy services are provided with respect for and sensitivity to individual beliefs and preferences and the right to confidentiality and privacy. The Chaplain can be reached on hospital extension 208.  For information about the Chaplain program, please contact Sally Swan at (707) 937-5032.

The Chaplaincy Program provides:

  • Chaplain visits with patients, family and staff. 24 hour shifts on-call and daily visits upon request.
  • Non-denominational spiritual and emotional support with respect for all faith traditions.
  • Outreach to faith community for requested visits of particular denomination.
  • Baby blessings for newborns.
  • Special services such as Hand Blessings for Hospital staff and volunteers.
  • Quilts for patients gift program.
  • Distribution of patient puzzle books and children’s coloring books to alleviate boredom.
  • Lending library with CD player and music CDs to borrow.
  • Distribution of Homeless Resources and Critical Incident Stress self-care pamphlets.
  • Critical Incident Stress Management and Crisis Intervention for patient’s, family, and for staff.

The Chaplain’s Role in Patient Care

The Chaplain is a confidante who provides an attentive spiritual presence for the patient, participating with the Hospital staff as part of a caring team serving patients. Chaplains are skilled at offering prayer, meditation, and guided imagery, which can often lessen pain and stress. We understand that spiritual expression can take many forms and seek to serve each individual in a way that affords the most comfort.

Support for Patient’s Family

The Chaplain is available to the family and friends of patients in the Emergency Department, Intensive Care Unit, Outpatient Center, and the Hospital at large. The Chaplain serves as a trusted, compassionate, and non-judgmental presence, offering spiritual support for comfort and healing as well as providing sacraments and blessings of newborns and other patients.

Liaison with Local Clergy

The Hospital Chaplain may see a patient before his or her personal spiritual advisor is aware of the hospitalization. With the patient’s permission, the Chaplain can call the family priest, rabbi, pastor or spiritual leader.

Support for Hospital Staff

Hospital Chaplains are available to consult with staff for personal or work-related reasons. In addition, Chaplains are available for critical incident stress debriefing sessions, and interdepartmental team conferences as needed.

The Chaplain can be reached on hospital extension 208.  For information about the Chaplain program, please contact Sally Swan at (707) 937-5032.