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It’s Time to Light Up A Life
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For the eighth year, the hospital’s hospice program is holding its “Light Up A Life” fundraiser. For $25, the name of a loved one will be written on a silver star and placed on one of several beautiful “Memory” Trees in the lobby of the Outpatient Services Building.

Like last year, for $25 you can also honor a beloved pet. The pets name will be placed on smaller tree nearby.

On December 6 at 7pm, the names of all those honored will be read at the 8th Annual Memorial Tree Lighting Ceremony.

Our goal is to build awareness for the hospice program and raise funds to help our friends, family and neighbors deal with end of life. The program is supported entirely by donations. To buy a star, honor a loved one, and give a boost to hospice, click here to donate.


MCDH Patients Avoid Contaminated Steroid Noted in National FDA Investigation
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I pleased to say that our patients were not injected with contaminated steroid because of our “best practices” approach of buying our drugs only from reliable sources.

Lois Leister, the pharmacy Director at MCDH, has confirmed that Mendocino Coast District Hospital has at no time purchased any methylprednisolone acetatate injection which has been  produced and distributed by New England Compounding Center (NECC) in Framingham, Massachusetts.

The FDA investigation into the exact source of the outbreak is still ongoing, but the outbreak that has been associated with this product is preservative-free methylprednisolone acetate (80mg/ml),  an injectable steroid , produced and distributed by New England Compounding Center (NECC) in Framingham, Massachusetts.  CDC’s interim data show that all infected patients received injection with this product.

To read the MedWatch safety alert, incliding links to the FDA statement, Q&As, and list of recalled products, click here. The Dept. of Anesthesia would like to alleviate any concerns by patients or their families, by stating that only methylprednisolone, manufactured by Pfizer Pharmaceuticals, has been used in epidural steroid injections performed at the Mendocino Coast District Hospital.



Hospital Mediation Process Concludes Without Agreement
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For the past three months, officials from our hospital have been meeting with a San Francisco mediator and our major creditors, including UFCW8 and Cal Mortgage,  in an attempt to negotiate a settlement agreement that would reduce expenses by $3 million per year.   Unfortunately, the mediation process was concluded on Wednesday, September 5, without a mutual agreement.

The mediation process was conducted according to a new California State law that requires municipalities, such as Mendocino Coast District Hospital, to engage in such mediation sessions prior to filing a Chapter 9 bankruptcy.  The process is highly confidential and details may not be released by anyone who participated in the mediation process.

MCDH Board Takes Action

The conclusion of the mediation process gives MCDH the right to file for a Chapter 9 bankruptcy but does not require that it does so.

Since the mediation process concluded without an agreement on a recovery plan, the Board of Directors authorized management, during a Special Meeting on September 10, to ask that an attorney draft a bankruptcy resolution to be presented to the Hospital Board at its regular meeting on September 27.   It will be up to the Board and Management at that time to decide if a Chapter 9 filing is in the best interest of MCDH, and if so, when such a filing might take place.

Financial Recovery Plan

The Board also took action to require management to create an action plan for financial recovery that would be presented at the same Board meeting.  The action plan will include savings that can be generated from a variety of sources, and will not be limited to 1 or 2 areas only.  The Board will have both documents in hand as it deliberates next steps for financial recovery.

What You Need to Know … (more…)

Reinstating 3% Pay Raise for Employees Wins Board Approval
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I am pleased to the report that the Mendocino Coast District Hospital Board of Directors, on my recommendation, today agreed to reinstate the 3% pay increase for our staff that is included in the current memorandum of understanding with the United Food and Commercial Workers Union (UFCW).

The 3% pay increase will apply to all bargaining unit and non-bargaining unit employees except for one (me) and will be effective on July 8, 2012.  Employees will see the increase on your next pay check which will be released on July 27.

I am taking this action because I know that it is up to me to change the collision course that we are currently on.  By taking this action I have asked UFCW, and our other creditors, to commit to participation in the mediation process that has already been set up and scheduled to occur in the first week of August.

I am committing that I will do whatever is humanly possible for me to do to keep MCDH out of bankruptcy, including developing a recovery plan that MCDH and our creditors can live with.

I view bankruptcy as a lose-lose-lose situation for our hospital, our community and our employees.  The only thing worse than bankruptcy is closure of our hospital.  Neither course is acceptable.  Our hospital is too important to our loyal staff, our community and to our entire region, to fail.

My City Council Statement About The Hospital’s Financial Improvement Plan and Part-Time Employees Misinterpreted
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Last night, I appeared briefly before the Fort Bragg City Council to discuss the hospital’s financial problems and how we are coping. I had been invited by Council Member Meg Courtney. The Council members and Mayor Dave Turner were very supportive in their comments.

Most of my short presentation focused on the great people who work here at the hospital and the great service they provide to the community.

I also mentioned that one of the actions we are considering — and this has been public for several weeks — is the possibility of eliminating some — not all — part-time positions to reduce costs.

If you tuned into KOZT this morning, you heard reporter Joe Regelski tell listeners that I told the City Council the hospital was going to eliminate “some” part-time positions. However, employees who heard the morning news heard it as “all” part-time employees would be eliminated. This is not true and it is an unfortunate illustration of how things get blown out of proportion, causing rumors.

After the report, personnel received a flood of calls from panicked part-time employees worried about their jobs.

I am sorry this happened because the current situation is stressful enough on employees and the community. It is also why I am writing regular updates in my blog so that employees, patients and others in the community understand exactly what is happening.

Remember, If you have a question about these or other hospital-related matters, email me directly at

Union – Management Meeting Update

During a March 22 meeting, the hospital presented the employee union with financial projections for the next few months and for the new fiscal year beginning July 1. The union responded today by saying they will have their own analyst review the hospital’s projections before responding to the hospital’s Financial Improvement Plan. We view this as positive progress.

Financial Update to the City of Fort Bragg Council Tonight (Monday, 3/26)
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As you know, we met March 22 with representatives of United Food and Commercial Workers (UFCW), the union that represents all hospital employees, to discuss hospital finances and how we might work together on implementing a Financial Improvement Plan. As of 5pm, we haven’t heard a response from the union, but expect it tomorrow or the next day.

In the meantime, I’m addressing the Fort Bragg City Council tonight to tell them where we are in our overall Financial Improvement Plan process.

I am attending the meeting at the invitation of Council Member Meg Courtney. I recently met with Meg and other community leaders to discuss the hospital’s financial situation and she felt that a presentation to the Council would be most welcome.

Based on my past experiences with the Council, I expect a warm reception.

For those interested in reading about our financial situation, click here to learn about the causes and our blueprint for improving it.

Happy New Year 2011!
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I have been inspired by Joe Tye, CEO of Values Coach, Inc to write today about my 5 lists that he recommends that everyone make at the end of each year.   I feel very grateful to have met Joe at a conference 2 years ago.   His business at Values Coach, Inc. is to provide training on how to transform ourselves and our organizations into high performing medical facilities while always remembering the reason why we are here ———-the highest quality medical care.   If you are interested in learning more about Joe Tye,  I recommend that you look him up on the web at  I get weekly inspiration from Joe through a weekly electronic newsletter that he publishes called “The Spark Plug.”  In the December 27, 2010 edition of “The Spark Plug,” Joe encouraged his readers to create 5 lists.  They are “Your six proudest accomplishments for 2010,” “Twelve things you’re thankful for from 2010,” “Twelve books you will make time to read in 2011,” “Three people you really want to meet in 2011,” and “One life-changing behavior change you will commit to making in 2011.”

Today I am going to announce my list of 6 accomplishments.  When I think of accomplishments, I tend to think in terms of organizational accomplishments so most of the following accomplishments are attributed to Mendocino Coast District Hospital more than they are to me.  Number One:  On January 1, 2010 we started a new full time orthopedics service at MCDH.  Dr. Jack Bellah converted his part time practice to a full time practice on that date.  Number Two:  Also in January of 2010, we converted our robot telemedicine program from a trial program to a full time program and in February our robot received a name, “Dr. Don” in honor of 2 retired physicians from our community – Dr. Don Hahn and Dr. Don Thomas.  Number Three:  In March MCDH’s Echocardiography Laboratory was notified that it had achieved ICAEL Accreditation – making MCDH the first accredited Echo Lab north of the San Francisco Bay area!  Number Four is an individual accomplishment.  In May of 2010 I was notified that my CEO blog was named a Top 50 Hospital Administration blog site Nationally, quite an honor.    Number Five would be our groundbreaking ceremony on May 19, 2010 for the beginning of construction on the hospital’s new Diagnostic Imaging Center and Number Six would be an individual honor for being voted to be the Inaugural Chairman of the new California Critical Access Hospital Network (CCAHN) in January of 2010.  It has been a great year and I am looking forward to an even better year in 2011.  Later this week I will comment on 12 Things to be Thankful for in 2010.

November 13, 2010
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Mendocino Second Grade

Ray and the Second Grade Class at Mendocino Elementary in 2009

My first day on the job as CEO of Mendocino Coast District Hospital was 4 years ago on November 13, 2006.  It’s hard to believe that it has already been 4 years since that day.  On that first day I felt extremely lucky to have been selected to work at MCDH.  I was immediately impressed by the quality of the hospital staff, medical staff, hospital facilities and the entire community.  I still feel that way today!   We have accomplished so much since November of 2006.  We have had a positive bottom  line every year since 2007.  We identified some needs in our physical plant and we are correcting them.  We wanted to be one of the first Healing Hospitals in the U.S. and we accomplished that too.  We have doubled our orthopedic surgery volume at MCDH and we have increased the number of physician providers in our community.