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Celebrating the Arrival of Ophthalmologist Kevin Miller, MD, and the opening of NCFHC’s Suite C
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Grand opening of NCFHC Suite C and Dr. Miller reception at MCDH.Around 160 people stopped by North Coast Family Health Center’s (NCFHC) newly opened Suite C on Friday afternoon July 25, to see the tour the facility, enjoy carrot cake and carrot juice, and to meet Dr. Kevin Miller, who began seeing patients on Monday, July 28.

On hand to greet guests and give tours were NCFHC Practice Administrator Ilona Horton and hospital CEO/CFO Wayne Allen. Mr. Allen says,”Ilona has done a tremendous job in recruiting Dr. Miller and other new providers to our staff, as well as overseeing the upgrades to Suite C. We feel the community will be pleased with the quality of our new care providers here at North Coast Family Health Center, and will prefer to stay on the coast for their general and specialty health care needs.”

Joining Dr. Miller’s staff are long-time Ophthalmic Medical Technician Sandy Ponts, new Ophthalmic Medical Technician Ivan Martinez (who also recently graduated from the Mendocino County Office of Education Phlebotomist Training Program), and Jennifer Powers, who is moving from NCFHC Suite A to be the Unit Clerk for Suite C.

In addition to general eye exams, Dr. Miller will perform surgeries to correct cataracts and strabismus. He is board certified by the American Board of Ophthalmology.

To make an appointment for specialty eye care services, please phone (707) 961-4995. New patients are welcomed. Both Dr. Miller and OMT Martinez are fluent in Spanish. Se hablan Español.

 Link to information about Dr. Kevin Miller.

Our 2012 First Born … 18 months Later
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Anthony Gabrielle Gomes, at birth

Anthony Gabrielle Gomes, Age 18 months


A chance encounter in Mendocino recently led to this update about Anthony Gabrielle Gomes, son of Chris and Menthie Gomes, fourth generation residents of Fort Bragg. As you can see, little Anthony is thriving. We tried to get him to look into the camera, but something more fascinating in the distance caught his eye.

Weighing 8 pounds, 10 ounces and 21 inches long at birth, he has been sprouting over the past 18 months. That almost black hair is now light blond.

Little Anthony arrived at 4:31 pm on New Year’s Day, 2012. How times flies.

A State Nurse Surveyor Gives Kudos for Great ER Care
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I am pleased to share this note I received from a former patient.

I just wanted to take a moment to send this note of sincere gratitude and appreciation for the wonderful care I received on June 13 in your emergency department.

I was on my vacation, camping with my grandchildren, and I reached in the backseat to take the 3 year old out of his car seat and I twisted my back and felt a horrible pain. I waited a day and half before I sought out professional help, and by then I was in so much pain, I just could not stand it.

Your staff was exemplary and after an exam, I was given some pain medication to relieve my pain. Needless to say, my vacation was ruined, but my pain was relieved and I was able to make the five hour car trip back to Chico.

I am an RN and I work for the State of California as a surveyor nurse. We survey hospitals, nursing homes and others for compliance with state and federal regulations. I have surveyed many, many hospitals in my 23 year career and I must say, that I was really impressed with the care, service, cleanliness, friendliness of staff and promptness to my problem.

So, a big THANK YOU to your ER staff. Your dedication to your work is totally impressive. Ft. Bragg is truly fortunate to have such a fine community hospital.

Cathy A. Fowler

The Corridor to Imaging Is Finally Open!
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Bonnie, Roni, Linda and Shelly in the New Corridor

Bonnie, Roni, Linda and Shelly in the New Corridor

For the first time in over 5 years, MCDH diagnostic imaging patients do not need to go outside in order to obtain an MRI from our hospital.  Also, for the first time in over 3 years, patients do not need to go outside for a CT Scan!  On October 28, the new connecting corridor from the main hospital to the Diagnostic Imaging Center was officially opened.  Thank you to Gus Killion, Linda Dutcher and our General Contractor, JLK, for getting this VERY important piece of the new building completed.  It’s supposed to rain this week.  But our patients and our staff will be dry!

Helping Hands of Case Management
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Kitty Bruning, Case Manager

Kitty Bruning, Case Manager

I always look forward to my Adopt a CEO Day, or as some have called it “Bring Your CEO to Work” Day.  This week I spent an entire day working with our Case Managers, Phil Sullivan, Kitty Bruning and Ann Marie Cesario.  I soon learned that Case Managers hold the keys to helping our hospital patients (and their families and loved ones) make it through the , sometimes difficult, maze of services offered by our hospital.  They are also invaluable members of the team in assisting our doctors and nurses to accomplish their jobs.   It is not unusual for a patient to receive services in our Emergency Department, ICU, Medical/Surgical Unit and even our Swing beds.  All in one stay!  So it takes careful coordination and an incredible repertoire  of skills to assist in all of these areas.   (more…)

MCDH “Star” Card Employee of the Month
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Rick ChiltonMeet Rick Chilton, MCDH “Star” Card Employee of the Month for June 2011.  The “Star” Card program at Mendocino Coast District Hospital allows patients, guests, visitor, physicians, volunteers and employees to nominate MCDH employees who exemplify the spirit of compassionate care and customer service.  Rick is a very good example of such an employee.  In recent months he has received “Star” card recognition for going the extra step for our patients and visitors.  One patient said that when dealing with Rick, “I felt like I was dealing with a ‘healing hospital.'”  Another patient said that Rick assembled a medical record request in less than 24 hours and that “he is a real pro!”  Congratulations Rick.  This honor is very well deserved.

A cup of coffee
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Coffee and so much more

Last Thursday I started my day by doing something that I really enjoy doing.  That is holding a CEO Forum with our employees.  This is an opportunity for me to find out what’s on the mind of our staff, and likewise its a great opportunity for our employees to “hear straight from the horse’s mouth” on what’s currently happening. The idea is to head off any rumors early. We had a normal CEO Forum meeting with participation from many employees who were curious to know how the hospital’s finances are doing?  what’s up with all of the painting of the building?  And updates on our robotics program and our wellness program.

As I was leaving the meeting room, I wheeled the cart out with me and stopped by the nurses station to offer our nursing staff, coffee and scones (or were they really muffins?). It’s nice for me and nice for them, for me to get an opportunity to serve them. After all, they spend all day long serving our patients. Then something really special happened. As I was wheeling my cart back towards the kitchen I bumped into a man in our hallway who was walking the hallways.   (more…)