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Knee or Hip Surgery Can Give You New Mobility
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Dr. Jack Bellah’s seminar on regaining your mobility after injury, illness or ailments, such as arthritis, drew more than 30 people to the Hill House Inn seminar in Mendocino.

Dr. Bellah, a Stanford-trained orthopedic surgery with more than 25 years experience, noted that arthritis is one of the main causes of mobility problems in older adults and that partial knee or total hip replacement can give a person a new lease on life.

In addition, Sarah Wagner, the manager of the hospital’s physical therapy program, discussed available pre and post surgery orientation.

Dr. Bellah’s comments, captured in the YouTube Video above, provide a comprehensive look at what he calls the “less invasive” anterior approach to hip surgery.

Stanford Trained Orthopedic Surgeon to Hold Seminar
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Jack Bellah, MD, will hold a free seminar at the Hill House Inn in Mendocino from 6:30 pm to 8 pm Wednesday, February 13, on options for regaining your mobility after injury, illness or chronic ailments, such as arthritis.
Physical Therapy Manager Sarah Wagner will describe the hospital’s pre and post surgery support programs.
Dr. Bellah’s seminar will include a discussion of hip and knee replacements and the less invasive hip replacement procedure he performs using the “anterior approach.”
He completed his internship and residency in orthopedic surgery at Stanford Medical Center and has more than 25 years of experience. Dr. Bellah each year performs 50 knee and hip repairs and a total of 250 orthopedic procedures here on the Coast.
Hors d’ouevres and other refreshments will be served. RSVP to the Hill House at 937-0554.
The seminar is sponsored by Redwood Investments and TOSHIBA with no cost to the hospital.

Hospital’s Surgical Sterilizer Back in Operation
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As many of your know, we have been sending our surgical instruments to other medical facilities to have them sterilized for surgeries. This procedure was undertaken while a new state-of-the-art sterilizer was being installed. While outsourcing sterilization is common and entirely safe for patients, it was a great inconvenience for our staff, one of whom accompanied the instruments to Frank Howard Memorial in Willits or a Ukiah outpatient surgery center to supervise sterilization and return the sterilized instruments to our hospital for use.

I’m pleased to announce that the installation process of our new main sterilizer has been completed and approved for use by the Office of Statewide Health Planning and Development (OSHPD). More importantly, it has been thoroughly tested to make sure it is working properly.  Our tests have been perfect, according to Paul Williams, R.N., manager of surgical services, and he and his staff are confident that our new equipment completely sterilizes all instruments to be used for surgery.

Our new machine was manufactured by Steris, the world’s pre-eminent infection prevention, decontamination, and surgical and critical care company, with a long list of first-to-market products and industry-leading service innovations and thousands of customers in more than 60 countries.

We now have a new primary surgical instrument unit and a new backup “flash” sterilizer, which is used when only one or two instruments need to be sterilized for a case in progress.

The installation process was a long one — nearly a year — because of new construction standards for hospitals and the State’s complex approval process. But we finally made it. I want to personally thank all of you who supported the hospital, doctors and staff during this trying time. A big thank you also goes to the surgical crew who worked extra hours and made many, many trips over the hill to ensure safety for our patients.

Says Martha Buck of Mendocino: Delighted to Have Surgery Locally
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Mark Schaeffer (left), Jack Bellah, MD (right)

Mark Scheffer (left), Jack Bellah, MD (right)

It was very personally satisfying – and a tribute to our great staff and physicians here at Mendocino Coast Hospital – to read the March 8 ‘Letter to the Editor’ in the Beacon from Martha Buck of Mendocino about her experience with joint replacement.

Let me share part of what Martha Wrote:


As prospective residents of Mendocino, my husband and I were initially concerned about the quality of medical care we could receive in the area, especially coming from the East Bay of San Francisco where the likes of UCSF and Stanford hospitals are readily available. As luck would have it, not six months after moving here, I was diagnosed as needing a total left hip replacement. Far sooner than expected, we were faced with the quandary of deciding who/what/where to get the necessary treatment.

My husband and l are very much aware that MCDH has received a bit of unwarranted and unfair negative press lately and I, for one, want to shout out that the care and service I received during the pre-op, the three days I was an in-patient, and post-op were excellent, I was cared for by happy, caring and highly trained people who did everything within their power to make my stay as comfortable as possible, I was delighted to have had the surgery locally and follow-up nursing and physical therapy in my own home.

It is easy to be negative in this fractious world we live in, but we are very fortunate to have such a jewel of a hospital in our midst, not to mention the first-rate, state-of-the-art surgeon on staff, Jack Bellah, MD.

You would be lucky to have him as your physician.