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Hospice Thrift Store Achieves Two Milestones: Open 5 Years and Reaches $1 Million in Sales
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See inside the Hospice Thrift Store

Thrift Store Co-Founders Michele Philliber, RN, left, and Arlene Case, RN, center, will soon celebrate the store’s 5-year anniversary with Heidi Kraut, Thrift Store manager.

Thrift Store Co-Founders Michele Philliber, RN, left, and Arlene Case, RN, center, will soon celebrate the store’s 5-year anniversary with Heidi Kraut, Thrift Store manager.

Five years ago (April 2009) the Mendocino Coast District Hospital (MCDH) Thrift Store opened on a wing and a prayer.

The hope was the Thrift Store would become a major source of funding for the hospital’s hospice program, which would live or die on a donated inventory of clothes, furniture, electronics, household goods and jewelry.

“Our hopes and dreams have come true through the success of the Thrift Store,” said Junice Wilson, manager of the hospital’s home health and hospice programs, including Thrift Store operations.

In Wilson’s presentation to the Mendocino Coast Health Care District Board of Directors March 4, she reported Thrift Store sales for the five years ending March 31 at more than $1 million. All this was earned with on average sale of $5 per item by one of the 36 volunteers, full-time store manager and two part-time per diem supervisors. On average, the store each day sells about 500 donated items. (more…)

Help Support Cancer Patient Artist-in-Resident Grant Program
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We were pleased to learn recently that our hospital oncology program has moved a step closer to winning a grant that would bring a resident artist to our Hematology/Oncology Department to work with our cancer patients.

However, there is a catch: the granting foundation, LiveStrong, requires a show of support from the community.

Live Strong Grant Manager Jordan Parks writes:

“Thank you for your recent application to bring the Creative Center: Hospital Artist in Residence program to your community through the 2012 LIVESTRONG Community Impact Project. I am pleased to inform you that after careful review, your organization has been selected to proceed to the next phase of the selection process; the online voting campaign.

“Online voting allows communities nationwide to rally around their local organizations in a show of support for the organization and the people they serve. The voting process also allows applicants to demonstrate their ability to engage with their communities, a key component in program success and sustainability.”

You can help us win this grant by  following this link and giving the program your vote of confidence. Voting only takes a minute.

Nurse Judith Keyssar Now an Author
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Last Act of KindnessI’m always gratified to see people advance their careers, especially those who tap a whole new reservoir of talent and create something really wonderful. I’m speaking in particular of Judith Redwing Keyssar, R.N., who worked at MCDH for 12 years, 11 in the ICU.

Judith’s Last Acts of Kindness: Lessons for the Living from the Bedsides of the Dying has just received a prestigious Book of the Year Award from the American Journal of Nursing, which has been publishing an annual list of the best in nursing publishing since 1969.

Judith Redwing Keyssar, R.N.

Judith Redwing Keyssar, R.N.

Selected as one of the most valuable texts of 2011 in the field of Hospice and Palliative Care, Last Acts of Kindness is comprised of twenty-seven true stories that take place in hospitals, residence facilities, and homes that reveal the challenges and rewards that face the dying, their loved ones, and the professionals who care for them.


Dr. John Rochat
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Meet Dr. John Rochat. He is an Oncologist on staff at Mendocino Coast District Hospital. We are very fortunate to have Dr. Rochat on staff at our hospital and in practice here on the Mendocino Coast.

He has testified on numerous occasions that if it were not for a window in the California law that allowed only certain California hospitals to employ a limited number of doctors – that he would not be practicing in Fort Bragg, California. We are grateful for that window in the law and hopeful that a new law will allow employment for doctors once again so that Dr. Rochat may continue to be employed.

Unfortunately, Dr. Rochat’s penchant for being vocal about advocating for employment for doctors in California has sometimes been used against him. It has been rumored that “Dr. Rochat has not signed his contract and is probably going to be leaving Fort Bragg.” I know that Dr. Rochat is committed to his patients and to the community of the Mendocino Coast. I know that Dr. Rochat does not want to leave. And I am confident that the California legislature is going to approve employment of doctors in rural hospitals–this year. There is every reason to believe that Dr. Rochat is going to continue to be here for our patients and for our community.