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The Heron Garden Brings Light and Joy to Hospice Patients and Their Families
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Nick Yost and Sandra Rennie donated two heron sculptures for the garden.

Nick Yost and Sandra Rennie donated two life-size heron sculptures for the garden.

For patients and their families, Hospital Room 112 is truly a “A Room with a Soul” – a place that is more like home than hospital, with comfortable furniture including a pull-out bed, beautiful crafted wood cabinets (Graham Gilbertson and Lee Baker), big screen TV (Canclini’s Appliance), hand-painted stencils along the ceiling (Suzi Long). It spacious and comfortable.

Nurses love the positive feelings this special room helps generate for the patient and themselves.

Thanks to a whole group of people, the Room with a Soul now has a home-like garden right outside the room’s window: professional landscaping, with rocks and shrubs, grasses that sway in the breeze and two metal heron sculptures that seem alive, walking in the garden. Joyce Gilbertson donated plants, the MCDH Auxiliary Volunteers donated for the equipment and watering systems, Greg Matters donated in honor of his wife, Suzanne, and friends of Alysmae Coreita wanted to contribute to the beautiful scene outside the patient’s window.

Left to right: James Benedetto of Benedetto Landscaping, Bill Popow of Popow Construction and Psychologist Richard Gibb created the new garden. Photo by Lars Krug.

Left to right: James Benedetto of Benedetto Landscaping, Psychologist Richard Gibb, and Bill Popow of Popow Construction created the new garden.

“There are many people to thank for the Room and the Garden,” says Cynthia Wall, President of Friends of Hospice. “But thanks for the hands-on, hard work creating the garden goes to James Benedetto of Benedetto Landscaping, Psychologist Richard Gibb, and Bill Popow of Popow Construction  and Lar Krug (not pictured)who donated an immense amount of time and labor.”

Hospice Thrift Store Achieves Two Milestones: Open 5 Years and Reaches $1 Million in Sales
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See inside the Hospice Thrift Store

Thrift Store Co-Founders Michele Philliber, RN, left, and Arlene Case, RN, center, will soon celebrate the store’s 5-year anniversary with Heidi Kraut, Thrift Store manager.

Thrift Store Co-Founders Michele Philliber, RN, left, and Arlene Case, RN, center, will soon celebrate the store’s 5-year anniversary with Heidi Kraut, Thrift Store manager.

Five years ago (April 2009) the Mendocino Coast District Hospital (MCDH) Thrift Store opened on a wing and a prayer.

The hope was the Thrift Store would become a major source of funding for the hospital’s hospice program, which would live or die on a donated inventory of clothes, furniture, electronics, household goods and jewelry.

“Our hopes and dreams have come true through the success of the Thrift Store,” said Junice Wilson, manager of the hospital’s home health and hospice programs, including Thrift Store operations.

In Wilson’s presentation to the Mendocino Coast Health Care District Board of Directors March 4, she reported Thrift Store sales for the five years ending March 31 at more than $1 million. All this was earned with on average sale of $5 per item by one of the 36 volunteers, full-time store manager and two part-time per diem supervisors. On average, the store each day sells about 500 donated items. (more…)

Silver Memory Star Sales Generate More than $13,000 for Hospice Patient Care
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2013 Light Up a Life CeremonyThe 2013 annual Light Up a Life fundraising campaign was a huge success with more than 640 stars sold. Honored with stars were family and friends (living or deceased) and beloved pets.

At this past Thursday night’s (Dec. 12) more than 100 people attended the tree lighting and reading of the names of those honored.

The evening started with refreshments, followed by entertainment by the Gloriana Carolers, the Threshold Choir and Roberta Belson playing the harp.

Following the concerts, volunteers — led by Hospice Coordinator Arlene Case and Home Health Director Junice Wilson–took turns reading the names of the 640 honored with silver stars.

Public Invited Thursday Night to Uplifting Light Up a Life Ceremony, Concert
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Roberta Belson, Harpist

Roberta Belson, Harpist

You won’t want to miss the Light Up A Life memorial ceremony (7 pm Thursday, Dec. 12) in the Registration Lobby at the hospital. Besides being an important fundraiser for hospice, the evening will include some great entertainment (for free).

The ceremony will feature the Glorianna Carolers and the Threshold Choir, with the reciting of the names on the trees, accompanied by Roberta Belson on the harp. The event ends with the lighting of the trees.

About the Threshold Choir

The Threshold Choir is a network of cappella choirs that sing for – and with – those at the threshold of life.

Threshold singers share a repertoire of beautiful, meaningful, soothing songs and a desire to provide comfort and peace at a significant and challenging stage of life.  Founded in 2000, there are more than 100 choirs worldwide, bringing singers, when invited, to bedsides each offering a unique blend of gentle musical services to fellow travelers in private homes, hospitals, hospice settings and beyond.

What is Light Up a Life?

For $25, the name of a loved one, or beloved pet, will be written on a silver star and placed on one of several “memory trees” in the lobby. Stars may be purchased at the ceremony, by mail (700 River Road, Fort Bragg), online (MCDH.Org/light) or by calling 961-4617.

You can also buy a star  to honor someone special in your life. Their name will be added to the Honor Tree.


Great Holiday Bargains: The Hospice Thrift Shop and Volunteer Store
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This year the talk has been all about the fact that retailers no longer celebrate “black friday” (the day businesses say they go in the black financially). Instead, they are moving it up a day to “Black Thursday.”  We can all see through this one: it’s one more excuse for a sale. And, of course, we all welcome sales so we can fill our holiday gift lists for just a little less.

What would you say if you shop at a place that offers great gifts and offers sale prices 365 days a year? The place is the MCDH Hospice Thrift Store, located at the boatyard shopping center near Harvest Market.

Thanks to a generous community perfectly good — some really great — items get donated to help support the hospital’s hospice program. In fact,

Silver treasure at the Hospice Thrift Store

Hospice Coordinator Arlene Case, R.N., says the store supports the hospice program — which provides comfort to the dying and their families at no cost — 100%. No money comes from hospital operations. That’s great news in tight financial times.

Another little known shopping opportunity is the hospital volunteer’s store where they have exclusive contract for Sees candy on the Coast. But the store offers all kinds of handmade and interesting items for everyday life — and fun — that can help you fill your shopping list.

It’s Time to Light Up A Life
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For the eighth year, the hospital’s hospice program is holding its “Light Up A Life” fundraiser. For $25, the name of a loved one will be written on a silver star and placed on one of several beautiful “Memory” Trees in the lobby of the Outpatient Services Building.

Like last year, for $25 you can also honor a beloved pet. The pets name will be placed on smaller tree nearby.

On December 6 at 7pm, the names of all those honored will be read at the 8th Annual Memorial Tree Lighting Ceremony.

Our goal is to build awareness for the hospice program and raise funds to help our friends, family and neighbors deal with end of life. The program is supported entirely by donations. To buy a star, honor a loved one, and give a boost to hospice, click here to donate.