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MCDH Offers Coast Residents Latest Nuclear Medicine Camera Technology
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New Nuclear Medicine Gamma Camera at Mendocino Coast District Hospital

Mendocino Coast District Hospital’s new, state-of-the-art Nuclear Medicine Gamma Camera, the GE Discovery NM630. Left to right: Nuclear Medicine tech Nancy Mader, CNMT, RT(R); CFO/Interim CEO Wayne Allen, Board President Patricia Jauregui-Darland; Dr. Russell Perry; Randall Boberg, Interim Diagnostic Imaging Center Director.

Fort Bragg, California – July 1, 2014 – State-of-the-art technology is now in use at Mendocino Coast District Hospital (MCDH) in the form of a new Nuclear Medicine Gamma Camera, purchased with funds raised by the Mendocino Coast Hospital Foundation.

The Nuclear Medicine Gamma Camera Project included purchase of the camera, new flooring, and architect fees. The Hospital Foundation provided the $346,000 via its annual Winesong! event and through community donations.

Interim Diagnostic Imaging Center Manager Randall Boberg says, “This diagnostic equipment gives Mendocino Coast residents access to technology that is five years newer than what is being used in some Santa Rosa- and San Francisco-area hospitals. Patients no longer have to travel ‘over the hill’ for nuclear medicine studies. They can have the best care here at Mendocino Coast District Hospital.”

The new Gamma camera, now in use at MCDH’s Diagnostic Imaging Center, is a GE Discovery NM630, a single-photon emission computed tomography (SPECT) system designed to offer more precise information and better outcomes for patients through earlier detection of disease.

The NM630 offers auto-body contouring for enhanced image clarity and resolution. Patients are closer to the detectors and scanning happens simultaneously on both front and back of the body, which also means a lower dose of radiation. Patients benefit by more comfortable positioning on the table, ease of access for all abilities and sizes (up to 500 pounds), and shorter scan time, maximizing patient comfort.

Studies include whole-body scans and bone scans; nuclear cardiac stress tests; liver, renal, spleen, and thyroid scans; brain scans; and lung scans. Patients may discuss the possibility of having a procedure by talking with their doctor. For more information, phone the Diagnostic Imaging Center at (707) 961-4940.

Generous Winesong Bidders Donate $116,000 For New Ambulance
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L to R: Former Mendocino Coast Hospital Foundation board member and supporter Joan Selchau, Foundation ED Jeri Erickson, Paramedic Kirk Thomsen, John Rochat, MD, EMT Davey Beak and Paramedic Morgan Daniel offer a happy pose after getting the news that Winesong Charity Auction participants donated $116,000 to buy a new ambulance for the hospital. Dr. Rochat donated $5,000 toward the ambulance purchase.

L to R: Former Mendocino Coast Hospital Foundation board member and supporter Joan Selchau, Foundation ED Jeri Erickson, Paramedic Kirk Thomsen, John Rochat, MD, EMT Davey Beak and Paramedic Morgan Daniel offer a happy pose after getting the news of getting new ambulance.

In a stunning five-minute display of generosity, 66 people held up their paddles at the 2013 Mendocino Coast Hospital Foundation (MCHF) Winesong Charity Auction on Sept. 7 and donated $116,000 to buy a new ambulance for coast residents.

“The Hospital Foundation once again did an outstanding job producing another tremendously successful Winesong fundraiser,” said Hospital CEO/CFO Wayne Allen. “Foundation Executive Director Jeri Erickson and her team deserve a huge debt of gratitude for their effort to help fund two ambulances in two years and so much other life-saving equipment for the hospital and the community.”


9-1-1 Raffle: Fundraising for a New Ambulance
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Thanks to the Mendocino Coast Hospital Foundation, the hospital has been able to purchase state-of-the-art ambulances that allow our paramedics and EMTs to deliver the best possible emergency care.

Supporting the annual 9-1-1 raffle — at any dollar level — is a huge boost for this annual fundraising effort as the Foundation aims to generate another $40,000 over the next few months to replace an aging ambulance.

By participating in the 911 Raffle—the primary fundraiser for Mendocino Coast Hospital’s Ambulance Service—our community helps to provide complete ambulance service coverage for our coastal and inland communities.  Because we are a rural ambulance service, we don’t receive enough calls to cover our costs AND buy new ambulances when the old ones wear out.  It is through community contributions to the 911 Raffle that helps our hospital Foundation raise the funds needed for Ambulance replacement.  It’s the community that makes it possible for OUR Ambulance Service to be there when needed.


A Shiny New Critical Lifeline — MCDH Rolls Out Its Latest Advanced Life Support Ambulance
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Mendocino Coast Hospital Foundation Executive Director with $96,000 donation for new ambulanceThanks to a $41,000 donation by Mendocino Coast Hospital Foundation (MCHF) and a $45,000 donation by Mendocino Coast Ambulance Support (MCAS) group, our hospital ambulance service has a new, advanced life support ambulance.

We wouldn’t have this wonderful new ambulance without the generosity of our donors. We’re extremely grateful, and proud to serve our community with this new state-of-the-art emergency vehicle.

According to Morgan Daniel, our paramedic coordinator, the vehicle, a Leader Mercedes diesel Sprinter Van, has a well-lit, clean modern interior design with lots of cabinet space.

“Our equipment is laid out nicely, and easy to get to,” Daniel notes. “And the new four-point safety belts (lap and shoulder) are an important new safety feature for crew members working in the back of the van. What really makes this a great ambulance for us is its smoother, quieter ride, and its more functional design. We can stand up in the back, which is a huge plus. In the older ambulances we’re hunched over. Overall it provides us with a much better work environment.”


WineSong 2011!
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Dawn Marie 2011

Auctioneers David Reynolds and Dawn Marie Kotsonis

One weekend per year and always in September, the Mendocino Coast District Hospital becomes the epicenter for positive energy in our coastal community.  That is when WineSong! also known as “A Feast for the Senses” takes place.  What does that have to do with our hospital?  It’s because WineSong! is a fundraiser for our hospital.  This year was the 27th annual event.  The setting, in the Mendocino Coast Botanical Gardens and located in Fort Bragg is perfect for a day of enjoyment.  With beautiful flowers, enchanting  music, delicious food and wines from many of the most exquisite restaurants, wineries and establishments that our area has to offer, how could it not be perfect?    The event culminates in a Charity Auction, like no other.  Locals and travellers from all over the world, alike, bid on an impressive compilation of exotic wines, original artwork and fabulous trips.  This year’s event, which was held last Saturday, September 10, did not disappoint anyone.  In front of a sell-out audience, over 70 lots were sold.  The total gross proceeds from the auction exceeded $500,000 once again this year.    The net proceeds will not be known for some time until all of the expenses are paid, but I think that I speak for all of us when I say that we are extremely humbled and grateful for that level of support for our hospital.   When the proceeds are available, we plan to use this year’s funds to purchase a Nuclear Medicine camera for our Imaging Department.