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60 MCDH Employees Join Biggest Loser Challenge
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When the County’s Biggest Loser Challenge kicks off Monday, May 6, our hospital will have more than 60 employees participating. Click here for Challenge details.

“We are really excited about the response from hospital employees,” said Donna Schuler, hospital wellness coordinator and Challenge liaison. “We aren’t technically competing directly with county employees or employees of Frank Howard Hospital and Ukiah Valley Medical Center. But no doubt our teams will want to win the Challenge for the bragging rights alone.”
The real goal is to improve the health of residents on the coast, starting with hospital employees. “Hopefully we will be able to expand it to people in the community,” said Donna.

Credit for the Biggest Loser Challenge goes to Katie S. Ford, Mendocino County Wellness Program Specialist II.


MCDH To Participate in County’s Biggest Loser Challenge
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The hospital’s rehab / wellness team has just opened up registration for the Biggest Loser Challenge to employees and volunteers and the response has been enthusiastic, according to Wellness Coordinator Donna Schuler. If you haven’t heard, here’s what’s happening:

Mendocino Coast District Hospital (MCDH) will participate in the County of Mendocino’s 12-week “2013 Biggest Loser Challenge” beginning May 6 in an effort to improve the health of residents on the coast.

The announcement came from Sarah Wagner, PT, manager of the hospital’s rehabilitation program, who will facilitate the local program with MCDH Wellness Coordinator Donna Schuler.

Credit for the Biggest Loser Challenge and resource materials goes to Katie S. Ford, Mendocino County Wellness Program Specialist II. Ford is helping manage the MCDH effort and is providing all necessary resource materials at no cost to Mendocino Coast Hospital.


Hospital Mediation Process Concludes Without Agreement
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For the past three months, officials from our hospital have been meeting with a San Francisco mediator and our major creditors, including UFCW8 and Cal Mortgage,  in an attempt to negotiate a settlement agreement that would reduce expenses by $3 million per year.   Unfortunately, the mediation process was concluded on Wednesday, September 5, without a mutual agreement.

The mediation process was conducted according to a new California State law that requires municipalities, such as Mendocino Coast District Hospital, to engage in such mediation sessions prior to filing a Chapter 9 bankruptcy.  The process is highly confidential and details may not be released by anyone who participated in the mediation process.

MCDH Board Takes Action

The conclusion of the mediation process gives MCDH the right to file for a Chapter 9 bankruptcy but does not require that it does so.

Since the mediation process concluded without an agreement on a recovery plan, the Board of Directors authorized management, during a Special Meeting on September 10, to ask that an attorney draft a bankruptcy resolution to be presented to the Hospital Board at its regular meeting on September 27.   It will be up to the Board and Management at that time to decide if a Chapter 9 filing is in the best interest of MCDH, and if so, when such a filing might take place.

Financial Recovery Plan

The Board also took action to require management to create an action plan for financial recovery that would be presented at the same Board meeting.  The action plan will include savings that can be generated from a variety of sources, and will not be limited to 1 or 2 areas only.  The Board will have both documents in hand as it deliberates next steps for financial recovery.

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A State Nurse Surveyor Gives Kudos for Great ER Care
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I am pleased to share this note I received from a former patient.

I just wanted to take a moment to send this note of sincere gratitude and appreciation for the wonderful care I received on June 13 in your emergency department.

I was on my vacation, camping with my grandchildren, and I reached in the backseat to take the 3 year old out of his car seat and I twisted my back and felt a horrible pain. I waited a day and half before I sought out professional help, and by then I was in so much pain, I just could not stand it.

Your staff was exemplary and after an exam, I was given some pain medication to relieve my pain. Needless to say, my vacation was ruined, but my pain was relieved and I was able to make the five hour car trip back to Chico.

I am an RN and I work for the State of California as a surveyor nurse. We survey hospitals, nursing homes and others for compliance with state and federal regulations. I have surveyed many, many hospitals in my 23 year career and I must say, that I was really impressed with the care, service, cleanliness, friendliness of staff and promptness to my problem.

So, a big THANK YOU to your ER staff. Your dedication to your work is totally impressive. Ft. Bragg is truly fortunate to have such a fine community hospital.

Cathy A. Fowler

Reinstating 3% Pay Raise for Employees Wins Board Approval
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I am pleased to the report that the Mendocino Coast District Hospital Board of Directors, on my recommendation, today agreed to reinstate the 3% pay increase for our staff that is included in the current memorandum of understanding with the United Food and Commercial Workers Union (UFCW).

The 3% pay increase will apply to all bargaining unit and non-bargaining unit employees except for one (me) and will be effective on July 8, 2012.  Employees will see the increase on your next pay check which will be released on July 27.

I am taking this action because I know that it is up to me to change the collision course that we are currently on.  By taking this action I have asked UFCW, and our other creditors, to commit to participation in the mediation process that has already been set up and scheduled to occur in the first week of August.

I am committing that I will do whatever is humanly possible for me to do to keep MCDH out of bankruptcy, including developing a recovery plan that MCDH and our creditors can live with.

I view bankruptcy as a lose-lose-lose situation for our hospital, our community and our employees.  The only thing worse than bankruptcy is closure of our hospital.  Neither course is acceptable.  Our hospital is too important to our loyal staff, our community and to our entire region, to fail.

Nurse Judith Keyssar Now an Author
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Last Act of KindnessI’m always gratified to see people advance their careers, especially those who tap a whole new reservoir of talent and create something really wonderful. I’m speaking in particular of Judith Redwing Keyssar, R.N., who worked at MCDH for 12 years, 11 in the ICU.

Judith’s Last Acts of Kindness: Lessons for the Living from the Bedsides of the Dying has just received a prestigious Book of the Year Award from the American Journal of Nursing, which has been publishing an annual list of the best in nursing publishing since 1969.

Judith Redwing Keyssar, R.N.

Judith Redwing Keyssar, R.N.

Selected as one of the most valuable texts of 2011 in the field of Hospice and Palliative Care, Last Acts of Kindness is comprised of twenty-seven true stories that take place in hospitals, residence facilities, and homes that reveal the challenges and rewards that face the dying, their loved ones, and the professionals who care for them.


Sarah Brookins Named MCDH Employee of the Quarter
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Sarah (on right) and her daughter Lucy

Sarah (on right) and her daughter Lucy

At the First Friday celebration for the month of November, Sarah Brookins of the hospital’s Clinical Information Technology Department was named MCDH Employee of the Quarter.  Here are some examples of statements made about Sarah.  “She is a team player, responsive and respectful.”  “She is always willing to stop and help.”  “Always has a smile on her face.” “Sarah is definitely a TRUSTED employee – she is a team player; responsive and respectful, understanding, easy to approach, and she gets things done!” Sarah receives a check for $150 and is eligible for 2011 MCDH Employee of the Year.  Congratulations Sarah!  You are very deserving.

Turkey Day at MCDH
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Rays Turkey Day

3 Turkeys in the MCDH kitchen

On September 28, I continued my practice of conducting CEO Rounds in each department of our hospital.  This month I spent the day working in our Dietary department.  I began my day helping Bernardo to set up patient breakfast trays and taking the carts out to our nursing floor.  Next I had the honor of helping Daniel prepare the day’s lunch meal  It was “Turkey” Day.  That could have been refering to the day’s menu or the new kitchen helper for the day!  I wonder how many people know that Daniel, a local boy (born in our hospital) who made good, was trained at the Cordon Bleu School in San Francisco.  And how many of us knew that Daniel is skilled in making ice scupltors too?   Now that we know, don’t be surprised if you see an ice sculpture some time at MCDH.  My contribution for lunch was turkey stuffing.    If word of this gets out it is going to make it more difficult for me to play dumb on Thanksgiving.  After making the stuffing and the mashed potatoes, I was able to observe Kristy making up the menus for the next days meals.  I was impressed by her expertise in skillfully preparing meal choices for the next day. 


Pharmacy Moving Day
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Pharmacy Staff

Pharmacy staff members pictured, Margaret Bradshaw, Lois Leister, Lil Paoli, Marie George

Mendocino Coast District Hospital is 38 years old and has a great need for a new Pharmacy department.   We have a top notch staff of Pharmacists and Pharmacist Technicians who work in a Pharmacy that has changed very little in all of those years.  Thanks to our U.S. Congressman Mike Thompson and the U.S. government, grant funds have been made available so that we can upgrade and expand our pharmacy.  The first step in expanding our Pharmacy is to vacate the existing department.  That step was accomplished today with the hard work of, not only the entire Pharmacy staff, but also the tireless work of our Plant Maintenance Staff.  The Maintenance Staff handled all of the “heavy lifting,” while the well organized Pharmacy staff pulled stock from shelves and placed it on carts that were wheeled from the current department into a temporary department that will be the home for our Pharmacy for the next 6 months.


Welcome Back Wayne Allen!
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Wayne Allen, CFO

Wayne Allen, CFO


I am very pleased to announce that Wayne Allen has accepted the position of Chief Financial Officer for Mendocino Coast District Hospital, replacing Bob Anderson.  Wayne is one of the best CFOs that I have ever had the pleasure to work with and I am could not be happier that he has chosen to come back to MCDH.  He was our CFO  from 2006 to 2008, during a period when MCDH converted to critical access hospital designation and achieved an impressive financial turnaround.    For the past 2 years Wayne served as the Chief Financial Officer for Northern Hawaii Community Hospital on the Big Island of Hawaii.  That hospital, too, thrived under his leadership.   With National Health Care Reform, the California budget crisis and our current economy, it is a difficult financial time for hospitals, including Mendocino Coast Hospital.  We are extremely fortunate to have Wayne Allen back on our leadership team.  Welcome home Wayne!