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Hospital Participates in County-wide Ebola Drill
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Demonstration of use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

During Thursday’s county-wide Ebola drill, MCDH Housekeeper Rosa Ramos demonstrates the personal protection equipment (PPE) that would be used to keep Hospital staff safe from viral contamination in the event of the arrival of an actual Ebola patient. In addition, a respiratory hood would be added to ensure a fresh air supply.

Fort Bragg, California – November 21, 2014 — “Patient arrives at the Emergency Room; temperature 102.3◦ F, with nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain. . . .” This scenario happens hundreds of times a year at the hospital.  However, this could be something much more serious than a case of the flu. Ebola Virus Disease (EVD) can present in much the same way. For that reason, Mendocino Coast District Hospital participated in the Mendocino County 2014 Statewide Medical and Health Functional Exercise.

During the exercise, Dr. Keith Curtis, an Emergency Medicine physician, nursing staff, and clerical support staff were challenged with an unannounced visit Thursday, November 20, from a person posing as a patient suffering symptoms of Ebola infection. Dr. Curtis and the nurses rapidly identified the serious condition of the mock patient by evaluating the patient’s recent travel history to Liberia in West Africa and the array of symptoms that were reported to the registration clerk. The nurse activated the Hospital Incident Command System, bringing all departments to high alert. The doctor notified the Mendocino County Public Health Department (MCPHD), Hospital Infection Control, and the Infectious Disease resource physician. The patient was directed to a safe location outside the ER, away from other patients. The nurse put on personal protective equipment (PPE) then guided the patient to a special isolation room where there would be no exposure to other patients or staff.

The Departmental Operations Center at MCPHD rapidly responded with a report that a specially designated ambulance was on the way to pick up the patient and transport her to the nearest Ebola treatment center.

The Hospital management team participated in the drill to study and improve the Hospital’s level of preparedness. Staff participation and enthusiasm was impressive! Specific steps to improve communication were identified. The Hospital Incident Command staff drilled on working with County Medical and Health Operational Area Program staff to requisition critical equipment and supplies of PPE. Volunteers from a number of departments are currently signing up for training in putting on and removing the personal protective equipment needed for this level of care.

As a result of this exercise, the Hospital will have an improved Ebola care plan to identify, isolate, notify appropriate agencies, and transfer the patient to the appropriate facility for care. The goals of the exercise were to have the patient cared for and staff able to safely return to their work, both of which were successfully met.

–Emmet O’Connell, MCDH Laboratory Manager and Infection Control Officer

A State Nurse Surveyor Gives Kudos for Great ER Care
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I am pleased to share this note I received from a former patient.

I just wanted to take a moment to send this note of sincere gratitude and appreciation for the wonderful care I received on June 13 in your emergency department.

I was on my vacation, camping with my grandchildren, and I reached in the backseat to take the 3 year old out of his car seat and I twisted my back and felt a horrible pain. I waited a day and half before I sought out professional help, and by then I was in so much pain, I just could not stand it.

Your staff was exemplary and after an exam, I was given some pain medication to relieve my pain. Needless to say, my vacation was ruined, but my pain was relieved and I was able to make the five hour car trip back to Chico.

I am an RN and I work for the State of California as a surveyor nurse. We survey hospitals, nursing homes and others for compliance with state and federal regulations. I have surveyed many, many hospitals in my 23 year career and I must say, that I was really impressed with the care, service, cleanliness, friendliness of staff and promptness to my problem.

So, a big THANK YOU to your ER staff. Your dedication to your work is totally impressive. Ft. Bragg is truly fortunate to have such a fine community hospital.

Cathy A. Fowler

State of the Art Portable Ultrasound in E.R.
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Tamaki Kimbro _ UltrasoundThanks to WineSong! 2009 the Emergency Department at Mendocino Coast District Hospital has a new piece of equipment that will result in faster diagnosis, better decision making by ER doctors and better patient care.   The new piece of equipment is a portable ultrasound machine that gives ER physicians a quick and accurate “snapshot” of the heart and other major organs in our patient’s bodies.  (more…)