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New Board Seated; Previous Board Give Farewells
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Wayne Allen, Patricia juaregui-Darland and Dr. Benjamin "Buz" Graham

Retiring CEO/CFO Wayne Allen with outgoing board members Patricia Juaregui-Darland and Dr. Benjamin “Buz” Graham at their final board meeting Tuesday, December 2, 2014.

Fort Bragg, California – December 12, 2014 — The new Mendocino Coast Health Care District Board was seated at a special board meeting on Wednesday, December 10 at Mendocino Coast District Hospital. Newly elected board members Ms. Kitty Bruning, RN, Dr. Peter Glusker, and Dr. William Rohr were sworn in. Elections for office were held, in addition to the assigning of board members to committees.

In a final meeting of the previous board on Tuesday, December 2, outgoing Board Chair Patricia Jauregui-Darland, RN, stated, “Please join me in sending a wish for the best of success to the new board. Embrace the future with optimism.”

At the December 2 meeting, Ms. Juaregui-Darland handed out a statement with her thanks and final thoughts upon taking leave of her six years of service to the board. In the document, she said, “I have worked diligently with great resolve to fulfill my oath of office and the responsibility that it bears. . . . my main goal as a [then] new director for the Health Care District was to make a pervasive case for quality health care through Accountability, Leadership, and Financial Stability. . . . The daunting lists of challenges presented were many. All have been addressed. . . . I am very proud of what has been accomplished.”

At the same meeting, retiring board member Dr. Benjamin “Buz” Graham, stated that he was concerned with affiliation during his four years on the board. “It turned out, for better or worse, that no one is interested in us.”

He noted that as the hospital moves forward, improving physician retention is of critical importance. “We lose physicians every year from attrition. How do we get physicians that are community-based [rather than who travel here for a few days each week or month]?” He also wished the new board well in their endeavors.

The new officers of the Heath Care District board are incumbent Mr. Sean Hogan, Chair; Ms. Bruning, Vice Chair; Dr. Rohr, Treasurer; Dr. Glusker, Secretary; and incumbent Tom Birdsell, Member. Mr. Birdsell will chair the Planning Committee in addition to functioning as the Joint Powers Association (JPA) Representative. The Finance Committee will be chaired by Dr. Rohr.

The next meeting of the Mendocino Coast Health Care District Board will be Tuesday, December 30 at 6:00pm (due to the Christmas holiday). Meetings will resume a regular schedule in January, on the fourth Thursday of each month at 6:00pm in the Hospital’s Redwoods Room, 700 River Drive, Fort Bragg. The community is invited to attend.

Board member contacts can be found at

Successful Candidates’ Forum at Cotton Auditorium
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Candidates for Mendocino Coast Health Care District Board of Directors. From left: Dr. William Rohr, Dr. Peter Glusker, Dr. John Kermen, Michael Carroll, and RN Kitty Bruning.

Candidates for Mendocino Coast Health Care District Board of Directors. From left: Dr. William Rohr, Dr. Peter Glusker, Dr. John Kermen, Michael Carroll, and RN Kitty Bruning.

Close to 200 community members turned out at Cotton Auditorium on Monday, October 6 for the Health Care District-sponsored Candidates’ Forum. The evening, moderated by the League of Women Voters, was intended to introduce the candidates to the community and help inform the community about each candidate through a question and answer session.

CEO/CFO Wayne Allen commented, “The Candidates’ Public Forum was a great success. We had a very large turnout of community members, and they wanted to learn more about the views of each candidate. The community was not disappointed, and each person in attendance is now much better informed after the two-hour discussion.”

Questions ranged from how much experience each candidate has working on other boards, to how to keep the Hospital current with medical technology advances, to what is needed to influence community members to stay on the coast for their healthcare, and from how much involvement a board should have in the day-to-day operations of the hospital to a current statewide ballot measure concerned with testing of physicians for drug use.

CEO/CFO Allen stated, “They’re going after a tough job with zero compensation. I appreciate each one of these candidates stepping up for our Hospital.”

To watch a video replay of the forum, go to

Many thanks to the candidates, the League of Women Voters, and to the community for coming out and participating in the electoral process through this forum.

Challenges Ahead for MCDH — and All Hospitals — Under Healthcare Reform
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Patricia Darland

Patricia Darland

More than 60 people attended last night’s Mendocino Coast Health Care District Board presentation to help the public better understand challenges ahead for MCDH under healthcare reform.

Among the attendees were Fort Bragg City Manager Linda Ruffing, Council Members Heidi Kraut and Doug Hammerstrom and County Supervisor Dan Gjerde.

The presentation was led by Board Chair Patricia Jauregui-Darland and Board Treasurer Sean Hogan.

With reform’s triple aim of achieving “Better Health, Better Care and Lower Cost”, there will be more emphasis on keeping patients well and out of the hospital, and financial consequences for hospitals not meeting government-set mandates and goals, Darland told the audience, while Hogan covered the financial impact of reduced insurance and government reimbursements.

Hogan said, “people tell us all the time that we should run the hospital like a business” which he said is a good goal, but difficult when dozens of federal and state agencies monitor and dictate how the hospital must operate. He presented a slide showing a maze of governmental agencies that oversee all aspects of hospital operations. Darland emphasized that the whole community will need to get involved to help people stay healthy and out of the hospital.

In the near future, she noted, the focus will be on providing outpatient services, teaching patients to care for themselves and keeping people in their homes rather than the hospital.


CHA CEO/President Speaks on Legislative Issues, Health Care Form
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Patti DarlandAllen-Dauner ShakeDauner PowerPoint Link to Press Release and more details

Shown in photos: MCDH CEO Allen introduces Board Chair Patricia Jauregui-Darland; Allen greets CHA President/CEO Duane Dauner. Dauner uses slides to discuss health care reform issues.

In a 90-minute forum at Mendocino Coast District Hospital Wednesday, C. Duane Dauner, President/CEO of the California Hospital Association (CHA), outlined where CHA stands on federal, state and rural health care issues and what to expect as implementation of the Affordable Care Act  (ACA) accelerates.

More than 50 people, including physicians, health care district and hospital foundation board members, hospital employees and community leaders, attended the briefing in which Dauner said Californians can expect “profound changes” in the health care marketplace. Fort Bragg City Councilman Doug Hammerstrom and City Manager Linda Ruffing were among attendees. Advocate-Beacon publisher Sharon DeMauro and Editor Katherine Lee also attended. CEO Wayne Allen, at the request of the Health Care District Board of Directors, organized the briefing as a “board education meeting.”


CEO Wayne Allen Holds Ice Cream Social for Employees
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Medical Staff Services Mgr William Lee, left, and CEO Wayne Allen, center, serve ice cream to employees.

Medical Staff Services Mgr William Lee, left, and CEO Wayne Allen, center, serve ice cream to employees.

At the hospital’s most recent Board of Directors meeting, CEO/CFO Wayne Allen invited the Board and audience to attend an ice cream social planned as an employee appreciation event on Friday, August 2. The Board applauded the effort.

“Of course, this is a token of 0ur appreciation for all MCDH employees who do so many good things for our patients and the hospital,” said Wayne. “Whenever  possible, we want to thank them for their positive contributions.”

Wayne and William Lee, manager of medical staff services, were two of the managers serving up big dishes of ice cream and sundies with generous portions of all the usual toppings. A steady stream of employees enjoyed the event at lunch and throughout the afternoon.


Hospital Mediation Process Concludes Without Agreement
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For the past three months, officials from our hospital have been meeting with a San Francisco mediator and our major creditors, including UFCW8 and Cal Mortgage,  in an attempt to negotiate a settlement agreement that would reduce expenses by $3 million per year.   Unfortunately, the mediation process was concluded on Wednesday, September 5, without a mutual agreement.

The mediation process was conducted according to a new California State law that requires municipalities, such as Mendocino Coast District Hospital, to engage in such mediation sessions prior to filing a Chapter 9 bankruptcy.  The process is highly confidential and details may not be released by anyone who participated in the mediation process.

MCDH Board Takes Action

The conclusion of the mediation process gives MCDH the right to file for a Chapter 9 bankruptcy but does not require that it does so.

Since the mediation process concluded without an agreement on a recovery plan, the Board of Directors authorized management, during a Special Meeting on September 10, to ask that an attorney draft a bankruptcy resolution to be presented to the Hospital Board at its regular meeting on September 27.   It will be up to the Board and Management at that time to decide if a Chapter 9 filing is in the best interest of MCDH, and if so, when such a filing might take place.

Financial Recovery Plan

The Board also took action to require management to create an action plan for financial recovery that would be presented at the same Board meeting.  The action plan will include savings that can be generated from a variety of sources, and will not be limited to 1 or 2 areas only.  The Board will have both documents in hand as it deliberates next steps for financial recovery.

What You Need to Know … (more…)

Reinstating 3% Pay Raise for Employees Wins Board Approval
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I am pleased to the report that the Mendocino Coast District Hospital Board of Directors, on my recommendation, today agreed to reinstate the 3% pay increase for our staff that is included in the current memorandum of understanding with the United Food and Commercial Workers Union (UFCW).

The 3% pay increase will apply to all bargaining unit and non-bargaining unit employees except for one (me) and will be effective on July 8, 2012.  Employees will see the increase on your next pay check which will be released on July 27.

I am taking this action because I know that it is up to me to change the collision course that we are currently on.  By taking this action I have asked UFCW, and our other creditors, to commit to participation in the mediation process that has already been set up and scheduled to occur in the first week of August.

I am committing that I will do whatever is humanly possible for me to do to keep MCDH out of bankruptcy, including developing a recovery plan that MCDH and our creditors can live with.

I view bankruptcy as a lose-lose-lose situation for our hospital, our community and our employees.  The only thing worse than bankruptcy is closure of our hospital.  Neither course is acceptable.  Our hospital is too important to our loyal staff, our community and to our entire region, to fail.

Mike Dell’Ara Will Be Missed on the MCDH Board of Directors
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Mike DellAra

Mike Dell'Ara at last week's Board of Directors Meeting

In the 4 years that I have served in the role of CEO for the Mendocino Coast District Hospital I have had the pleasure of working with Mike Dell’Ara who serves on our Board of Directors for all 4 years.   As a District Hospital in California, we have a publicly elected Board of Directors.   Back in November of 2006 Mike ran for election on our Board and was successful.  He was elected for a 4-year term, which ended with last week’s November 23 Board meeting.   Earlier this year Mike decided to not run for a second 4-year term.  His seat on the Board will be taken by Dr. Buz Graham in early December.  I will write on another day about how fortunate we are to have Dr. Graham on the Board.  Today I would like to recognize Mike Dell’Ara and his contributions to the success of MCDH.

I am going to miss Mike Dell’Ara at our Board meetings very much.  Mike’s unique perspective as a successful businessman has been extremely helpful to our hospital.  He has contributed in so many areas, but the 2 areas that stand out the most for me are in the areas of strategic planning and quality improvement.  Mike has been a driving force in both arenas.