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MCDH Food Services Department Takes First Place in Chowder Tasting
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Chef Daniel Segura

Chef Daniel Segura

Congratulations to the MCDH Food Services Department for taking First Place in Saturday’s Chowder Tasting Competition, which was a part of the 2012 Fort Bragg Whale Festival.  The winning Clam Chowder was a Sweet Potato Clam Chowder prepared by Chef Daniel Segura with help from Shonda Sanders.  Thank you Daniel and Shonda for your representation of MCDH.  Who would have thought that a hospital would win first place in a competition involving all of the excellent restaurants in our area!

Help Support Cancer Patient Artist-in-Resident Grant Program
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We were pleased to learn recently that our hospital oncology program has moved a step closer to winning a grant that would bring a resident artist to our Hematology/Oncology Department to work with our cancer patients.

However, there is a catch: the granting foundation, LiveStrong, requires a show of support from the community.

Live Strong Grant Manager Jordan Parks writes:

“Thank you for your recent application to bring the Creative Center: Hospital Artist in Residence program to your community through the 2012 LIVESTRONG Community Impact Project. I am pleased to inform you that after careful review, your organization has been selected to proceed to the next phase of the selection process; the online voting campaign.

“Online voting allows communities nationwide to rally around their local organizations in a show of support for the organization and the people they serve. The voting process also allows applicants to demonstrate their ability to engage with their communities, a key component in program success and sustainability.”

You can help us win this grant by  following this link and giving the program your vote of confidence. Voting only takes a minute.

Nurse Judith Keyssar Now an Author
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Last Act of KindnessI’m always gratified to see people advance their careers, especially those who tap a whole new reservoir of talent and create something really wonderful. I’m speaking in particular of Judith Redwing Keyssar, R.N., who worked at MCDH for 12 years, 11 in the ICU.

Judith’s Last Acts of Kindness: Lessons for the Living from the Bedsides of the Dying has just received a prestigious Book of the Year Award from the American Journal of Nursing, which has been publishing an annual list of the best in nursing publishing since 1969.

Judith Redwing Keyssar, R.N.

Judith Redwing Keyssar, R.N.

Selected as one of the most valuable texts of 2011 in the field of Hospice and Palliative Care, Last Acts of Kindness is comprised of twenty-seven true stories that take place in hospitals, residence facilities, and homes that reveal the challenges and rewards that face the dying, their loved ones, and the professionals who care for them.


Sarah Brookins Named MCDH Employee of the Quarter
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Sarah (on right) and her daughter Lucy

Sarah (on right) and her daughter Lucy

At the First Friday celebration for the month of November, Sarah Brookins of the hospital’s Clinical Information Technology Department was named MCDH Employee of the Quarter.  Here are some examples of statements made about Sarah.  “She is a team player, responsive and respectful.”  “She is always willing to stop and help.”  “Always has a smile on her face.” “Sarah is definitely a TRUSTED employee – she is a team player; responsive and respectful, understanding, easy to approach, and she gets things done!” Sarah receives a check for $150 and is eligible for 2011 MCDH Employee of the Year.  Congratulations Sarah!  You are very deserving.

April MCDH Star Card of the Month
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Our patients, guests and visitors may, or may not, know that Mendocino Coast District Hospital has a system in place to recognize excellence in the care and services provided by our Hospital staff.  The system is called the “Star” Card program.  Any of us, including patients, visitors, physicians, co-workers or volunteers, may recognize excellence by picking up a Star Card in any of the convenient locations and filling out the name of the employee to be honored and why.  Each month we receive between 20-40 cards for our staff.  Every time a Star Card is received, a copy is given to the honored employee, their manager and Human Resources.  All Star Cards are posted on a bulletin board outside of the Hospital Cafeteria each month by Tanya Wyldflower.  Beginning in April, we are selecting 1 Star Card each month for the “MCDH Star Card of the Month.”  The Star Card of the Month will be based upon extraordinary excellence.  For April, we have selected Deb Hendricks, ICU Charge Nurse.  In her nomination, written by the visitor of an ICU patient, “Deb is an excellent nurse.  Very caring.  Took care of my Aunt.  Always explained in detail with her care and prognosis.  Thanks Deb.”  Thank you Deb for the wonderful care that you provide to our ICU patients every day!

MCDH Patient Satisfaction Ratings Among the Best in the Country
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MCDH Nurses, Leigh and Amy

MCDH Nurses, Leigh and Amy

On March 1 Mendocino Coast District Hospital received notification that we have been selected to be a recipient of a 2011 PRC National Excellence in Healthcare Award.   The award comes from Professional Research Consultants, Inc. (PRC) a National Company based out of Omaha, Nebraska that conducts patient satisfaction surveys at hundreds of hospitals across the United States.   In a letter dated March 1, PRC President Joe Inguanzo wrote about MCDH, “your facility’s focus on excellence is making it a better place to work, a better place to practice medicine, and a better place for your patients to be treated.”   We were also notified that MCDH has been selected to receive 2 awards this year.  One of them is the 5-Star Award, which is given out annually to healthcare facilities that score in the top ten percent for all PRC client hospitals for 2010.  The awards are based upon the percentage of patients that rate the facility or patient unit as “Excellent” for Overall Quality of Care.   MCDH is being given the 5-Star Award for our Station 2, Medical-Surgical Unit.  (more…)

MCDH Achieves National 5-Star Rating in 2 Categories
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I am extremely proud to announce that Mendocino Coast District Hospital has been awarded a 5-Star rating by HealthGrades, the leading independent healthcare ratings organization, for 2 of our Hospital services for 2010-2011.  The 2 services are Total Hip Replacement Surgery and Pneumonia Care.   Hospitals earn this prestigious designation by performing in the top 10 percentile of all hospitals Nationally for a low incidence of mortality and complications.   Hospitals do not apply for a favorable rating.  HealthGrades objectively analyzes the clinical outcomes data for all 5,000 hospitals in the United States.   Hospitals are then awarded a 5-Star, 3-Star or 1-Star rating, depending upon how they compare to other hospitals across the Country for favorable clinical outcomes.  HealthGrades has been studying hospitals for 13 years.  For the past 3 years, it has awarded Mendocino Coast District Hospital a 5-Star rating for total hip replacement surgery.  And it is particularly gratifying to note that Coast Hospital is the only 5-Star rated total hip replacement hospital in the 3 counties of Mendocino, Lake and Humboldt.  This is the first time that we have been awarded a 5-Star rating for Pneumonia Care.  This accomplishment is due entirely to the clinical staff at MCDH and their adherence to stringent infection control standards.  Beginning with our doctors, such as orthopedic surgerons Bill Rohr and Jack Bellah and including our surgical teams, nursing staff and our support staff.  For more information on HealthGrades, I encourage you to visit them on the web at

MCDH Obstetrics Service Receives Award of Excellence
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BETA Healthcare Group President Tom Wander Presents Award of Excellence to representatives of MCDH OB Nursing and Medical Staff

On Tuesday night at the November Board of Directors Meeting we had a very special guest who was here for a special presentation.  Mr. Tom Wander, President of BETA Healthcare Group was here to present the BETA Award of Excellence to MCDH.  Mr. Wander announced that BETA Healthcare Group, which provides professional liability coverage for hospitals (of all sizes and types) has launched it’s “Quest for Zero” preventable birth injuries.   It’s goal is to promote best practices in the delivery of care to moms and babies for member hospitals.  35 hospitals were eligible to participate and 6, including Mendocino Coast District Hospital, have qualified to receive the Award of Excellence.  The Award of Excellence is given to BETA member hospitals that demonstrate 100% compliance with all the elements of the “Quest for Zero” OB Initiative.