Skunk Train Teams With Mendocino Coast District Hospital To Provide Random Breath Alcohol Testing And Certification Program For Train Employee

News Media Contact: Bruce Lewis, 707-813-1197

With Skunk Train Underwriting Hospital Will Set Up Program To Test, Certify Skunk Train Staff

FORT BRAGG, Calif. — January 27, 2012 —Skunk Train management has teamed with Mendocino Coast District Hospital (MCDH) for random breath alcohol testing and certification of Skunk Train employees.

“For about the last year now we haven’t had a local source for giving our staff who come in for random drug screens the required breath alcohol testing mandated by the Federal Railroad Administration,” says Skunk Train owner Robert Pinoli. “We needed a local solution, so I approached MCDH CEO Raymond Hino to see if the hospital could help us out.”

Hino told Pinoli that for approximately $700, the hospital could get its laboratory equipment and staff certified to perform the random testing and certification required for Skunk Train employees. “We were happy to provide a local solution,” says Hino, “and Robert was happy to provide the underwriting necessary for our lab to meet FRA certification requirements.”

A win-win. “This is a real win-win because it removes a significant barrier to meeting this federal requirement,” says Pinoli, who notes that, prior to the arrangement with MCDH, Skunk Train employees had to go “over the hill” for random breath alcohol testing.  “Without the hospital’s assistance, meeting this requirement in a rural area like ours creates a significant inconvenience for our employees.”

About Mendocino Coast District Hospital. Mendocino Coast District Hospital is a 25-bed acute care facility licensed by the State of California Department of Health Services and accredited by The Joint Commission.  MCDH provides emergency, inpatient and outpatient services, and healthcare education to prevent, manage and treat chronic and acute conditions. The hospital is located on the California coast, approximately 160 miles north of San Francisco.

About the Skunk Train: The historic Skunk Train line runs 40 miles through the spectacular Redwood Route from Fort Bragg, CA on the Mendocino coast to Willits on US Highway 101.