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Great Holiday Bargains: The Hospice Thrift Shop and Volunteer Store
—Posted Tuesday, November 13th, 2012 at 4:09 pm—
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This year the talk has been all about the fact that retailers no longer celebrate “black friday” (the day businesses say they go in the black financially). Instead, they are moving it up a day to “Black Thursday.” ¬†We can all see through this one: it’s one more excuse for a sale. And, of course, we all welcome sales so we can fill our holiday gift lists for just a little less.

What would you say if you shop at a place that offers great gifts and offers sale prices 365 days a year? The place is the MCDH Hospice Thrift Store, located at the boatyard shopping center near Harvest Market.

Thanks to a generous community perfectly good — some really great — items get donated to help support the hospital’s hospice program. In fact,

Silver treasure at the Hospice Thrift Store

Hospice Coordinator Arlene Case, R.N., says the store supports the hospice program — which provides comfort to the dying and their families at no cost — 100%. No money comes from hospital operations. That’s great news in tight financial times.

Another little known shopping opportunity is the hospital volunteer’s store where they have exclusive contract for Sees candy on the Coast. But the store offers all kinds of handmade and interesting items for everyday life — and fun — that can help you fill your shopping list.

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