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A Patient Letter: Praise for Physicians and Staff
—Posted Tuesday, May 8th, 2012 at 2:16 pm—
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I am pleased to share this thoughtful letter from Mr and Mrs. Canclini.

Mr. Hino, Board Members and Staff:

… I recently was hospitalized for surgery by Dr Bellah as I have prostate cancer. I had a cancer spot in the femur and have been doctoring with Dr Rochat for four years. When it was found, Dr. Rochat immediately contacted Dr Bellah and surgery was scheduled. From Dr Rochat, the X-ray dept, Dr. Bellah, Dr. Kirkman and the hospital staff, I had the best of care!!

I liked the idea that all of my doctors are in the same group. When I saw each one of them they knew my history; if I have had to go out of the area, the doctors would not have had it. We are so lucky to have all the above named doctors.

I have to see Dr. Rochat once a month now for treatment and I have nothing but praise for him. Also the reception desk, clerk Mrs. Cudney always has a smile on her face. Being a business owner myself, I know that greeting your customers with a smile is so important. Also, when I was released from the hospital I had to give myself a shot. Amy Richardson called me at home that evening to make sure I was able to administer the shot myself!!  Now is that not service and caring? …

Anthony Canclini
Marilyn Canclini

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