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Long-Time Volunteer Horace Mann Resigns from MCDH Committees
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Horace Mann receives a certificate of appreciation from Rob Scott for his work on the Citizen Advisory Group.

Horace Mann, left, receives a certificate of appreciation from Rob Scott for his work on the Citizens Advisory Committee.

Horace Mann knows the meaning of community service.  For over 60 years he’s been lending his time and talents to numerous area organizations, and now he’s decided that it’s time to cut back a little. Earlier this month he announced that he is giving up his volunteer positions at the hospital, where he served on the Planning Committee and Citizens Advisory Committee.

At the May 12 meeting of the hospital’s Citizens Advisory Committee, Horace received a framed certificate “In Recognition of Dedicated Service to the MCDH Citizens Advisory Committee from 2007 to 2012.”  Presenting the certificate, committee Chairman Rob Scott thanked Horace, saying he will be “…sorely missed for his wisdom and advice, which has greatly benefited the hospital.”

Horace told the committee that his first volunteer position in 1952 was as a Scout Master.  In addition to Scouting and Mendocino Coast District Hospital, Horace’s other volunteer activities have included the Sierra Club, and service as a member of the California Senior Legislature.

I would like to add my personal thanks to Horace for his selfless service to our hospital and the community in general. He is an example for us all. Like others who volunteer here, Horace helped make our hospital a better place. We will miss him.

Big Turnout in Support of “Room with a Soul”
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I was one of about 350 paying guests Saturday night at the Friends of Hospice spaghetti feast fundraiser at Portuguese Hall in Fort Bragg.
The event was organized to raise money for the hospital room that is in the process of being beautified to make it a more warm and inviting place for hospice patients and their families.
It was especially gratifying to see so many people in our community come out in support of the event, which included a great dinner for just $15, music and lots and lots of raffle prizes (30+) and silent auction items (100+).
Friends of Hospice President Cynthia Wall reports that the event raised about $10,000.
I want to join Cynthia in thanking all those who made this a wonderful and successful event. They include:
· About 350 paying guests
· 6 FBHSchoolers from the new Culinary Arts Program
· 8 from the FBHS InterAct Volunteers program
· 4 came as helpers and did the raffle ticketing
· Youngest volunteer was 8 and she took tickets, served desserts, and kept us happy (Adriana Gonzalez, board member Rosa’s daughter)
· In addition to 7 Friends of Hospice board members, there were 40 adult volunteers who worked an average of 10 hours non-stop
· Ben Nicholson has been the coordinator and encouraging voice since February. He’s “just a volunteer,” but what a leader!
· Scott Voorhees did most of the graphics: poster, tickets, etc.
· Most of the “whatever you need” folks were from a local men’s group and they “just said YES!” whenever anything was asked
· Leaders in the kitchen: Mike Cimolino, sauce; John Wilson, meatballs; Wendy Cimolino salad and bread, and they brought their own crews and secret recipes
Last, but not least, notes Cynthia: “A special thanks goes to Gin Kremen who ran that show with pizzazz and diligence deserves a Pulitzer prize.”

A Shiny New Critical Lifeline — MCDH Rolls Out Its Latest Advanced Life Support Ambulance
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Mendocino Coast Hospital Foundation Executive Director with $96,000 donation for new ambulanceThanks to a $41,000 donation by Mendocino Coast Hospital Foundation (MCHF) and a $45,000 donation by Mendocino Coast Ambulance Support (MCAS) group, our hospital ambulance service has a new, advanced life support ambulance.

We wouldn’t have this wonderful new ambulance without the generosity of our donors. We’re extremely grateful, and proud to serve our community with this new state-of-the-art emergency vehicle.

According to Morgan Daniel, our paramedic coordinator, the vehicle, a Leader Mercedes diesel Sprinter Van, has a well-lit, clean modern interior design with lots of cabinet space.

“Our equipment is laid out nicely, and easy to get to,” Daniel notes. “And the new four-point safety belts (lap and shoulder) are an important new safety feature for crew members working in the back of the van. What really makes this a great ambulance for us is its smoother, quieter ride, and its more functional design. We can stand up in the back, which is a huge plus. In the older ambulances we’re hunched over. Overall it provides us with a much better work environment.”


“We are lucky to have this excellent hospital and caring staff in this community.”
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Here’s another letter I’m pleased to share from a member of our community.  Handwritten by the daughter of one of our patients, this letter reminds us once again of the many ways we touch lives in very meaningful ways. It is also another testimonial to the caring way members of our staff provide healthcare services — from hospital to home again.

Dear Raymond Hino,

We have received a survey letter twice and my mother, who was the patient, has a bit of dementia and doesn’t remember things very well. I would like to say that from my perspective as a daughter and her caretaker, the care I witnessed my mother receive was excellent.

There was one nurse in particular named Ashley McGuire [Medical/Surgical], who was great. She put us at ease with her manner of caring and relating to my mother. The other thing I would like to mention is the Home Health Care people who came, made it possible for me to understand how I could care for my mother in this new level.

I was so frightened at one point I was sure I couldn’t do it. There were a number of people who helped me.

The discharge person Phil Sullivan, a wonderful man, was very good at communicating information to me without having any judgmental attitude. Helen Jacobs from Multi Senior Service Program was fantastic. The physical therapists taught me about proper body mechanics and showed me how it was possible to care for my mother in ways I never would have known. Brenda Ross and Nancy Stair were their names. Also Ann Kelsey, Home Health, who helped ease my fears and helped get a better walker for safer use. My praises go out to all of them.

We are lucky to have this excellent hospital and caring staff in this community.

So even though my mother can’t navigate the survey, I wanted to let you know what I observed, experienced and felt.

Very Sincerely,

Nicoline Vander Heyden

A Patient Letter: Praise for Physicians and Staff
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I am pleased to share this thoughtful letter from Mr and Mrs. Canclini.

Mr. Hino, Board Members and Staff:

… I recently was hospitalized for surgery by Dr Bellah as I have prostate cancer. I had a cancer spot in the femur and have been doctoring with Dr Rochat for four years. When it was found, Dr. Rochat immediately contacted Dr Bellah and surgery was scheduled. From Dr Rochat, the X-ray dept, Dr. Bellah, Dr. Kirkman and the hospital staff, I had the best of care!!

I liked the idea that all of my doctors are in the same group. When I saw each one of them they knew my history; if I have had to go out of the area, the doctors would not have had it. We are so lucky to have all the above named doctors.

I have to see Dr. Rochat once a month now for treatment and I have nothing but praise for him. Also the reception desk, clerk Mrs. Cudney always has a smile on her face. Being a business owner myself, I know that greeting your customers with a smile is so important. Also, when I was released from the hospital I had to give myself a shot. Amy Richardson called me at home that evening to make sure I was able to administer the shot myself!!  Now is that not service and caring? …

Anthony Canclini
Marilyn Canclini