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Pharmacy Moving Day
—Posted Friday, September 23rd, 2011 at 7:12 pm—
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Pharmacy Staff

Pharmacy staff members pictured, Margaret Bradshaw, Lois Leister, Lil Paoli, Marie George

Mendocino Coast District Hospital is 38 years old and has a great need for a new Pharmacy department.   We have a top notch staff of Pharmacists and Pharmacist Technicians who work in a Pharmacy that has changed very little in all of those years.  Thanks to our U.S. Congressman Mike Thompson and the U.S. government, grant funds have been made available so that we can upgrade and expand our pharmacy.  The first step in expanding our Pharmacy is to vacate the existing department.  That step was accomplished today with the hard work of, not only the entire Pharmacy staff, but also the tireless work of our Plant Maintenance Staff.  The Maintenance Staff handled all of the “heavy lifting,” while the well organized Pharmacy staff pulled stock from shelves and placed it on carts that were wheeled from the current department into a temporary department that will be the home for our Pharmacy for the next 6 months.

Pharmacy and Maintenance staff were assisted by volunteer staff from a variety of hospital departments who came to help.  It was truly a team effort and a marvel to behold.  On Monday, construction work will begin on our new Pharmacy department.  We can hardly wait.  One thing that I know for sure.  6 months from now there will be another moving day.  And I am certain that it will be as well organized and efficient as the one that took place today.  Congratulations to Chief Pharmacist Lois Leister and her entire department, and to John Funderburk of Plant Maintenance and his entire department.  You all did a great job today!

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