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MCDH Achieves National 5-Star Rating in 2 Categories
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I am extremely proud to announce that Mendocino Coast District Hospital has been awarded a 5-Star rating by HealthGrades, the leading independent healthcare ratings organization, for 2 of our Hospital services for 2010-2011.  The 2 services are Total Hip Replacement Surgery and Pneumonia Care.   Hospitals earn this prestigious designation by performing in the top 10 percentile of all hospitals Nationally for a low incidence of mortality and complications.   Hospitals do not apply for a favorable rating.  HealthGrades objectively analyzes the clinical outcomes data for all 5,000 hospitals in the United States.   Hospitals are then awarded a 5-Star, 3-Star or 1-Star rating, depending upon how they compare to other hospitals across the Country for favorable clinical outcomes.  HealthGrades has been studying hospitals for 13 years.  For the past 3 years, it has awarded Mendocino Coast District Hospital a 5-Star rating for total hip replacement surgery.  And it is particularly gratifying to note that Coast Hospital is the only 5-Star rated total hip replacement hospital in the 3 counties of Mendocino, Lake and Humboldt.  This is the first time that we have been awarded a 5-Star rating for Pneumonia Care.  This accomplishment is due entirely to the clinical staff at MCDH and their adherence to stringent infection control standards.  Beginning with our doctors, such as orthopedic surgerons Bill Rohr and Jack Bellah and including our surgical teams, nursing staff and our support staff.  For more information on HealthGrades, I encourage you to visit them on the web at

Happy New Year 2011!
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I have been inspired by Joe Tye, CEO of Values Coach, Inc to write today about my 5 lists that he recommends that everyone make at the end of each year.   I feel very grateful to have met Joe at a conference 2 years ago.   His business at Values Coach, Inc. is to provide training on how to transform ourselves and our organizations into high performing medical facilities while always remembering the reason why we are here ———-the highest quality medical care.   If you are interested in learning more about Joe Tye,  I recommend that you look him up on the web at  I get weekly inspiration from Joe through a weekly electronic newsletter that he publishes called “The Spark Plug.”  In the December 27, 2010 edition of “The Spark Plug,” Joe encouraged his readers to create 5 lists.  They are “Your six proudest accomplishments for 2010,” “Twelve things you’re thankful for from 2010,” “Twelve books you will make time to read in 2011,” “Three people you really want to meet in 2011,” and “One life-changing behavior change you will commit to making in 2011.”

Today I am going to announce my list of 6 accomplishments.  When I think of accomplishments, I tend to think in terms of organizational accomplishments so most of the following accomplishments are attributed to Mendocino Coast District Hospital more than they are to me.  Number One:  On January 1, 2010 we started a new full time orthopedics service at MCDH.  Dr. Jack Bellah converted his part time practice to a full time practice on that date.  Number Two:  Also in January of 2010, we converted our robot telemedicine program from a trial program to a full time program and in February our robot received a name, “Dr. Don” in honor of 2 retired physicians from our community – Dr. Don Hahn and Dr. Don Thomas.  Number Three:  In March MCDH’s Echocardiography Laboratory was notified that it had achieved ICAEL Accreditation – making MCDH the first accredited Echo Lab north of the San Francisco Bay area!  Number Four is an individual accomplishment.  In May of 2010 I was notified that my CEO blog was named a Top 50 Hospital Administration blog site Nationally, quite an honor.    Number Five would be our groundbreaking ceremony on May 19, 2010 for the beginning of construction on the hospital’s new Diagnostic Imaging Center and Number Six would be an individual honor for being voted to be the Inaugural Chairman of the new California Critical Access Hospital Network (CCAHN) in January of 2010.  It has been a great year and I am looking forward to an even better year in 2011.  Later this week I will comment on 12 Things to be Thankful for in 2010.