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Mike Dell’Ara Will Be Missed on the MCDH Board of Directors
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Mike DellAra

Mike Dell'Ara at last week's Board of Directors Meeting

In the 4 years that I have served in the role of CEO for the Mendocino Coast District Hospital I have had the pleasure of working with Mike Dell’Ara who serves on our Board of Directors for all 4 years.   As a District Hospital in California, we have a publicly elected Board of Directors.   Back in November of 2006 Mike ran for election on our Board and was successful.  He was elected for a 4-year term, which ended with last week’s November 23 Board meeting.   Earlier this year Mike decided to not run for a second 4-year term.  His seat on the Board will be taken by Dr. Buz Graham in early December.  I will write on another day about how fortunate we are to have Dr. Graham on the Board.  Today I would like to recognize Mike Dell’Ara and his contributions to the success of MCDH.

I am going to miss Mike Dell’Ara at our Board meetings very much.  Mike’s unique perspective as a successful businessman has been extremely helpful to our hospital.  He has contributed in so many areas, but the 2 areas that stand out the most for me are in the areas of strategic planning and quality improvement.  Mike has been a driving force in both arenas. 


Happy Thanksgiving from MCDH!
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Thanksgiving 2010

From left, Manager Curt, Donna, Chef Daniel, Carol and Bernardo. Also in the picture is Tom the Turkey

No one likes to be in a hospital on Thanksgiving.  But unfortunately, accidents happen and illness doesn’t always wait for a convenient time to occur.  So every year family members end up in the hospital rather than being at home where they would rather be.  That includes 11 people that are here in our hospital this morning rather than spending the day with family at home.  And of course, our hospital is always staffed 24 hours per day, 365 days per year.  Luckily for our hospital staff and the friends and family of patients that will be here today, MCDH has a superb kitchen and dietary staff.  In fact many people from the local community come to the hospital cafeteria on a regular basis for a nutritious (and delicious) meal.  Today we are serving a delicious Thanksgiving Turkey meal.  I’m sure that everyone that will eating this fabulous meal, would rather be somewhere else today.  But, thanks to our fantastic food services staff, no one at Mendocino Coast Hospital (except for patients on a special diet) will miss out on enjoying a great turkey dinner.  Thank you to the entire Food Service Staff.  And thank you to all of our hard working staff that are here working on this most special holiday day of the year.  Happy Thanksgiving to all, from the staff at MCDH.

MCDH Obstetrics Service Receives Award of Excellence
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BETA Healthcare Group President Tom Wander Presents Award of Excellence to representatives of MCDH OB Nursing and Medical Staff

On Tuesday night at the November Board of Directors Meeting we had a very special guest who was here for a special presentation.  Mr. Tom Wander, President of BETA Healthcare Group was here to present the BETA Award of Excellence to MCDH.  Mr. Wander announced that BETA Healthcare Group, which provides professional liability coverage for hospitals (of all sizes and types) has launched it’s “Quest for Zero” preventable birth injuries.   It’s goal is to promote best practices in the delivery of care to moms and babies for member hospitals.  35 hospitals were eligible to participate and 6, including Mendocino Coast District Hospital, have qualified to receive the Award of Excellence.  The Award of Excellence is given to BETA member hospitals that demonstrate 100% compliance with all the elements of the “Quest for Zero” OB Initiative. 


Strategic Planning 2010
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Local Residents David Alden and Kelly Gibbs participate in the Planning Retreat

Last Saturday, 54 local residents of the Mendocino Coast, representing many different interest groups attended a 5 ½ hour Strategic Planning Retreat for Mendocino Coast District Hospital.  The retreat was held at the C.V. Starr Center on a rainy day.  Participants included 5 members of the hospital’s medical staff, 1 City Councilman, 3 members of the Hospital’s Board of Directors and dozens of community citizens, including many hospital employees.  “Every region of our District was represented,” said Hospital CEO Raymond Hino.  “We even had representatives from Westport, Comptche, Elk and Gualala.”  Participants were asked at the beginning of the session to name the hospital accomplishment that they were most pleased about, and their greatest fear for the future. 


November 13, 2010
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Mendocino Second Grade

Ray and the Second Grade Class at Mendocino Elementary in 2009

My first day on the job as CEO of Mendocino Coast District Hospital was 4 years ago on November 13, 2006.  It’s hard to believe that it has already been 4 years since that day.  On that first day I felt extremely lucky to have been selected to work at MCDH.  I was immediately impressed by the quality of the hospital staff, medical staff, hospital facilities and the entire community.  I still feel that way today!   We have accomplished so much since November of 2006.  We have had a positive bottom  line every year since 2007.  We identified some needs in our physical plant and we are correcting them.  We wanted to be one of the first Healing Hospitals in the U.S. and we accomplished that too.  We have doubled our orthopedic surgery volume at MCDH and we have increased the number of physician providers in our community.