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New Officers of MCDH Volunteers
—Posted Wednesday, July 7th, 2010 at 12:25 pm—
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DSCN1676The 2010 – 2011 Officers for the Mendocino Coast District Hospital Volunteers have officially been installed.  New President, Carol Steele and her cabinet were installed by MCDH Hospital CEO Raymond Hino on June 24 at Silver’s at the Wharf.  The other new officers are Edie Gobbi, Vice President, Norma Holmes, Treasurer and Nancy Acosta, Secretary.   We are so fortunate at MCDH to have a Volunteer organization as vibrant and active as our volunteers are.  They are valuable in so many ways, including donating thousands of hours (814 hours during the month of June and 4,876 hours in the last 6 months) and donating thousands of dollars to the hospital each year for equipment, scholarships and training. 

And, of course, our young people are enriched by the fact that our Volunteers provide a number of college scholarships for High School Seniors each year.  I have said many times over the years that I do not know what our hospital would do without our volunteers!  The qualities that they provide, such as kindness, generosity, happiness, hardworking and joy, would not be as abundant without our volunteers.  By the way, the 814 hours donated in June was the full time equivalent of nearly 5 employees, saving our hospital $26,048 in salary dollars.  In 6 months our Volunteers have saved us $156,000 in salary dollars.  Thank you again to Carol, Edie, Norma, Nancy and to ALL of our wonderful volunteers!

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