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Remembering Don Tucker
—Posted Monday, June 14th, 2010 at 7:15 pm—
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Ray and Don

Last Friday was an incredibly sad day when the news was received that former MCDH Board Director and Finance Committee Chairman, Don Tucker had passed away.   I always thought of Don as a true Southern Gentleman.   And I admired his wisdom and his fairness in handling the many difficult issues that we have faced as a hospital on the Mendocino Coast.   His many years as a corporate executive in finance, served our hospital very well during the time that Don was on our Board and our Finance Committee.  Don was fond of letting us know that he almost went to medical school, but his plans for a career in medicine were thwarted early in life by other obligations.   The world missed out on a truly gifted physician, when Don ended up going into finance instead of into medicine. 

I remember on several occasions, seeking him out for his counsel.  He will be sorely missed.  Not only by the hospital but also by the number of community groups and organizations that he has become such an integral part of.   I offer my most sincere and heart felt condolences to Wilma and to Don’s children.   Don Tucker will always be remembered as a leader and as a gentleman at Mendocino Coast District Hospital.

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