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Rural America
—Posted Wednesday, September 9th, 2009 at 10:51 pm—
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CV StarrCV Starr

I love living in rural America. Everywhere that you look around you, there are gatherings of people and events that makes one feel connected in a very special way. Fort Bragg just opened the CV Starr Swimming Pool complex. It is a beautiful facility with an Olympic size swimming pool, water slide and therapy pool. All combined in a beautiful building (pictured above). During one recent weekend, I was invited to attend the grand opening of the Swimming pool complex on the same day that I attended a BBQ fundraiser for the Volunteer Fire Department in Westport (a small community north of Fort Bragg). And I completed the weekend with a Sunday breakfast at the Caspar Community Center on Sunday morning. 3 more great opportunities to connect with the fabulous people that live in our area.

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