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$25,000 Fine
—Posted Friday, September 25th, 2009 at 3:32 pm—
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MCDHYesterday, September 24, a press release was put out by the California Department of Public Health. The press release was entitled “CDPH Issues Administrative Penalties to 11 Hospitals.” Unfortunately for us at Mendocino Coast District Hospital, our hospital was one of the 11 hospitals named. At Mendocino Coast District Hospital, we take patient safety very seriously. We have learned from this case and we have made changes that have improved the way that we provide care in our Obstetrics unit.

However the allegation that we have caused harm to one of our patients is extremely hurtful to our staff. For the record, the coroner’s report, as documented in the State’s report, confirms that our hospital had no chance to save the life of the baby who was the subject of this case. Unfortunately, the baby died prior to admission at our hospital and nothing that we could have done would have saved this precious life. For that reason we have decided to appeal the $25,000 fine that has been assessed against our facility. I continue to be extremely proud of the care that we provide at our hospital. We constantly strive to improve the care that we deliver that is why we are currently actively involved in an OB Initiative in improving care to our obstetrical patients. I welcome any comments that anyone may have about the care provided at our hospital.

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  1. Jim Bogue says:

    Thanks for this explanation. I’ve been away from the coast for a week and have not seen this week’s Advocate yet, so I have no idea if there’s has been a second article. I was dismayed by the Advocate’s article last week, having such a wonderful experience of with son’s birth at MCH. It’s been many years since that event, but I support you and appreciate the wonderful care I personally have received at MCH. We are fortunate to have these services locally available to us in this community.
    Jim Bogue