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Take Me Out to the Ball Game
—Posted Tuesday, August 11th, 2009 at 9:55 pm—
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On Sunday, August 2 I paid off a bet. I had bet Tom Birdsell, our Board Chair (and a great guy) that my Los Angeles Dodgers would beat his Philadelphia Phillies to make it into last year’s World Series. Well, the Phillies beat the Dodgers and then went on to beat the Tampa Bay Rays (great name for a baseball team) in the World Series. The loser of the LA – Philly series was to treat the winner to a game in San Francisco this summer.

On Sunday, I paid off the bet. We both wore our Philadelphia Phillies hats to the game (It’s dangerous to wear a Dodgers hat to ATT Park). But, unfortunately for us, the Giants won the game. Congratulations to the Giants. Go Dodgers!

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