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Service Excellence
—Posted Tuesday, August 18th, 2009 at 11:40 pm—
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Our number one priority at Mendocino Coast District Hospital is to earn the confidence of the citizens and population of the Mendocino Coast that they will receive excellent quality medical care whenever they may need to use the services of our hospital. That means that we need to recruit and retain quality health care professionals and support staff. I feel very confident that we have done that.

It also means that compassionate care, which emphasizes respect and courtesy for all of our customers (patients, visitors, medical staff, other members of our own staff) must be a trademark of our culture. To that purpose, we are providing education to our staff on enhancing service excellence to all members of our staff.

Our instructor for this education is Carol Scofield, who is doing a great job. Today we finished phase one on excellence in communications. Phase two, which will deal with diffusing difficult situations will be next and will begin next week. Stay tuned for more information on our service excellence program.

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