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Dr. John Rochat
—Posted Thursday, May 21st, 2009 at 9:40 pm—
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Meet Dr. John Rochat. He is an Oncologist on staff at Mendocino Coast District Hospital. We are very fortunate to have Dr. Rochat on staff at our hospital and in practice here on the Mendocino Coast.

He has testified on numerous occasions that if it were not for a window in the California law that allowed only certain California hospitals to employ a limited number of doctors – that he would not be practicing in Fort Bragg, California. We are grateful for that window in the law and hopeful that a new law will allow employment for doctors once again so that Dr. Rochat may continue to be employed.

Unfortunately, Dr. Rochat’s penchant for being vocal about advocating for employment for doctors in California has sometimes been used against him. It has been rumored that “Dr. Rochat has not signed his contract and is probably going to be leaving Fort Bragg.” I know that Dr. Rochat is committed to his patients and to the community of the Mendocino Coast. I know that Dr. Rochat does not want to leave. And I am confident that the California legislature is going to approve employment of doctors in rural hospitals–this year. There is every reason to believe that Dr. Rochat is going to continue to be here for our patients and for our community.

2 Responses to “Dr. John Rochat”

  1. Anonymous says:

    What's happening now with AB 648? And who needs to be urged to vote yes if it isn't certain to pass?

    As a new patient of the amazing Dr. Rochat, I'm concerned about the possibility of his departure and what that would mean for those in our area who may need an oncologist in the future.

  2. dan freedman says:

    i was treated by dr rochat 10 years ago for hodgkins lymphoma .he treated me better than any doc i have ever met.{im in remission for 10 yrs}if i had a problem he was there for me no matter what.i miss him ,because the doctors i have now are so procedurel and by the book.john treated me as an individual and catered to my needs as they were apparent.i wish he was still working for kaiser p. but i doubt that will be happening.what happened to all the good doctors at kaiser????i cant even get antibiotics for an infection with out begging for them from 3 seperate doctors,and taking several blood test and urine test before i could get antibiotics.