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Imaging Center Project Update
—Posted Wednesday, January 7th, 2009 at 4:53 pm—
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Yesterday, Mendocino Coast District Hospital hosted a pre-bid walk through for contractors interested in bidding on the construction of a $6.0 million (including both building and equipment), 8,000 square foot, Diagnostic Imaging Center, which is hoped to be completed by mid-2010. It was very encouraging to see over 40 contractors and subcontractors come to Fort Bragg on Tuesday to attend this meeting. I am really looking forward to bid opening day on January 20.

This is a major step for our facility, which needs to upgrade our radiology equipment. The new center will include a new MRI, CT Scanner, Flouroscopy Suite and will also house the hospital’s mammography and ultrasound equipment. Since Diagnostic Imaging is one of the most highly utilized and most profitable areas of our hospital, it is crucially important that we keep this department current with technology and community medical standards. Our new Diagnostic Imaging Center will allow us to do that.

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