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The Tree of Honor and Memories
—Posted Wednesday, December 10th, 2008 at 6:47 pm—
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One of the greatest traditions that we have at Mendocino Coast District Hospital is the Annual “Light A Life” Tree Lighting Ceremony that takes place in December of each year. This emotional ceremony, put on by the MCDH Hospice, allows anyone to either honor living loved ones or memorialize our deceased loved ones with a Star on our Tree.

So far this year, more than $20,000 has been raised for Hospice. This year’s ceremony was especially memorable and touching for me. My father passed away last year after a 3-year bout with cancer. He lived his life to the fullest almost all the way to his last breath. And when he passed away, at home due to the support of his local hospice, he was surrounded by all 4 of his children.

This year’s “Light A Life” ceremony was special for another reason too. This year Hospice recognized 1 of it’s founding “fathers,” Dr. Don Hahn. Dr. Hahn is a beloved family physician who trained at Johns Hopkins University Medical School but has devoted his life to our local community. We are so lucky that he made that choice. Dr. Hahn is now retired from the practice of medicine, but he was on hand to receive a plaque and the heart felt gratitude of everyone in attendance. We are so fortunate in this community to have such a wonderful hospice program and to have wonderful doctors like Dr. Don Hahn!

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