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Happy Holidays from Mendocino Coast Hospital
—Posted Monday, December 29th, 2008 at 3:05 pm—
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I certainly enjoy the color and the family spirit of the holidays. One of our traditions at Mendocino Coast District Hospital is an annual door decorating contest (no fire doors please). This year we had an exceptional response from our staff. 10 departments decorated a door and many of them went all out to celebrate the contributions of each member of their department. Rehab services, Human Resources and Medical Staff services all took the time to take photographs of their staff (and in the case of Medical Staff services, pictures of our doctors too) and attached them to their doors.

The winning entry was from our Hematology – Oncology Clinic (shown in the picture). They decorated a wall entitled “What’s Cooking in Oncology?” They attached gingerbread men (and women) with staff member names and they attached many recipes. Some sounded so good that the Hem-Onc staff had a hard time keeping them attached to the door. Some others were recipes of oncology drugs! Congratulations to Dr. John Rochat and the Hem-Onc staff. You have certainly added to the color and festiveness of this season!

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