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Good News Guys Part 2
—Posted Monday, October 1st, 2007 at 10:25 pm—
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This morning as I was listening to the “Good News Guys” radio show, I heard the station owner come on the air and report that, “at least for the time being, the station is going to be shut down while engineers determine what repairs may be necessary in order to bring the station back up to FCC compliance due to a weak signal.” It is unknown at this time when, if ever, KSAY will be back on the air.

I stopped by the station on my way into work to find out if this is all true. Fred and Jay assured me that “this sort of thing has happened before and the station has always continued on.” I sincerely hope so. It’s always nice to start my morning each day with some good old fashioned music and with reminders of all the good things that are happening locally. Good luck Fred and Jay. I am going to miss you both until you are back on the air.

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