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Welcome to My New Blog Page
—Posted Tuesday, September 18th, 2007 at 5:12 pm—

Welcome to the new blog page for Mendocino Coast District Hospital CEO, Raymond Hino. My hope is that this will be a new opportunity to communicate with me directly and with our hospital.

Today is September 18 and in a few short minutes I will be going into our monthly Planning Committee meeting. During the Planning Committee meetings this year, we are breaking down our new 2007 Strategic Plan and going over it section by section with specific progress reports. This month we will be covering the Financial Performance Goal Area. Our goals in this area are (1) Improvements to our MCDH Revenue Cycle; (2) Review and Changes in our MCDH Price Structure; (3) Capital Campaign; (4) Expense Reduction and Revenue Enhancement Initiatives; and (5) MMA Rural Health Clinic Performance. During the meeting our Senior Administrative staff will be providing updates on where we stand with each of these goals.

I am also very excited that we will be announcing today that MCDH has been announced as the recipient of a Rural Development Grant from the United States Dairy Association (USDA). Many people do not know that the USDA is very supportive of rural areas and is a major contributor of grant funds to rural America. We are receiving $40,730 which will go towards the purchase of a new ambulance for our hospital. We now have a total of $90,000 to spend on the new ambulance since our Hospital Foundation raised $50,000 last year for the ambulance.

Once again, thank you for looking at this post and I look forward to hearing from members of our public with specific questions or requests.

4 Responses to “Welcome to My New Blog Page”

  1. nurse says:

    I like it!

    Marcia Weeks

  2. Pat says:

    Good idea. Great job.
    P. Ackley

  3. will says:

    This is a great idea! Better communication builds lasting trust.

  4. Oldscad says:

    Good Work!